The world is too big a place. It’s too much to even imagine bringing some order or sense to what is happening. After all, maybe life simply plays itself out because that is what is in the cards?

Robert Swanson thought so. Life is the cards we are dealt. This philosophy worked for about fifty years. He ended up at a place where retirement was planned out, a big garden planted, and he could relax while looking for the next girlfriend.

But there was a Joker somewhere in the cards, a gnawing sensation that maybe something could be different if only one foot would step in front of the other. Then Robert remembered a promise made to himself in first grade, that he would change things for kids so that they could be happier. But how?

Robert joined Neale Walsch in Ashland Oregon to begin Heartlight Schools. We did get some schools functioning, following the Sudbury Valley model of democratic education. But more was needed, there would have to be public debate regarding how life works for kids and for all of us. Everyone can be happier.

Might the solution be a website for everyone? Robert contracted with a computer programmer in Portland Oregon and we set out to accomplish what normally would take a large team of programmers. With a small team we went to work for two years, creating a hundred thousand lines of code.

Here it is, It is a place where smart people connect, collaborate and debate with anyone anywhere for the sake of humanity and the sake of the world. Now… life is how you stack the cards.