So many decisions to make: What to have for breakfast? Who will be our next leader? What will resolve our need of resources? How is the planet to be organized sustainably? Someone must decide. Someone, hopefully, will think through each issue rationally, fairly, and come up with the solution that works now and works ten years from now. Hopefully…

Yes, hope for someone to make good decisions.  So, how is this working? Do you think somehow it might work even better? This is a decision you make, a decision you are now empowered to make. You decide, and the decision making process will now be better. Much better.

Empowered by internet and crowdsourcing, each person now has the power to be a decider – what to have for breakfast, who is the next leader, how to resolve our resources, and how to organize the planet for sustainability. On your ideas present the choice. Your comments and evaluations decide the best. This extraordinary power is yours for both small and global decisions. This extraordinary power is we ordinary people. You are the deciders.