At iAmSapien we are working hard to create a gold standard for social media.

Piles of individuals and heaps of forgotten messages? Not on iAmSapien. People’s lives are important. People have something important to contribute. Your words are cause for thought and cause for action. Everyone has a role to play, whether creating the best input from all your learning and experience, or assessing quality to deliver an accurate vote, or connecting the best into an educational program. Even if a young learner, everyone has a function, maybe at local levels, or globally.

The key is to make everything related. In reality, everything is connected. And in the mind, all neurons are related. There is a communication structure that sorts what goes to the subconscious, and what goes to the conscious mind. Additionally, there is a hierarchy of actionable ideas. At the top is breathing and having a heartbeat, followed by eating, warmth, family and friends, and finally, development of character. As we develop a societal mind, so will it too find a communication structure that sends ideas to our social consciousness, and it will create a hierarchy of actionable ideas.

On iAS all ideas are considered by the mind of society. We are mindful of our purpose. The social mind will now crowdsource the right ideas for social consciousness, for survival, and for development of character. From these ideas the “Mind” will create a hierarchy of actionable ideas. Then anyone can form a team and move to action. In many ways our society is so close to a wisdom paradigm. Now all the pieces are coming together in the right order to make it happen.

This social mind is powerful. Integrity and wisdom must be its finer qualities.
Rules will help the Mind toward integrity and wisdom.
1. It is important that society helps the individual toward the next quality of being. Each of us is changing, one way or another.
2. It is important that the Mind is aware of what has happened in the past, and in the present, and looks to the future.
3. The individual must find inner motivation and courage. This is self-discovery. It takes courage to have integrity and to evolve.
4. Be amazed. Today is the grandest opportunity for humanity to define itself, ever. Look at the power we have through the internet, and through billions of minds. Now is the time that we make the greatest difference. We have already begun.

We succeed as a social mind when we each observe, learn, and choose wisely.

What is quality in social media?

• Purpose
Just stating a purpose begins the evolution. The purpose of the website is that humanity will appreciate its own purpose. Put simply, are we really here to express cowardice and laziness? Or, are we here to be challenged and to be fulfilled by the infinite possibilities laid right here at our doorstep? I, for one, appreciate both: what we have done with technology and also the miracle of an ecosystem and a solar system that allow us to be here. These things I marvel at daily. These things are here for us to grow in appreciation and to share in responsibility.

• Organization
Help fellow humans organize their thoughts and their studies while at the same time organize your own.

• Crowdsourcing
Present the best of ideas and learning programs and action plans. Just click on one of the five stars.

• Connection
Connect everyone’s thoughts. It is a little like a dating site. Match the minds that click. Then they will propagate realities that create a wonderful future. Connecting thoughts is the wisdom of the social mind. Where our society could once rely on the “deep social mind”, using eye contact to communicate, for our many years in small societies, now we rely on the broad social mind, and web connections, in our massive societies. This is not the end of speaking with our eyes, but this is the beginning of speaking through the five-star vote as we crowdsource the planet. (

All of this represents cooperation. Darwin had it wrong. It is not competition that empowers life. Empowerment is the synergy that happens when people cooperate to dispel entropy. At iAmSapien, we use positive energy to evolve more happiness. (