What to do with the boxes on iAmSapien? How are our boxes different from anything else?

The key to success on iAS is you. Because, you want a place where your article is solid, where you can easily update your article and its links, where you can connect your article with friends or with another article half way around the world. Access is key. On iAS people are free to put up articles and video and improve them as desired. Make a name for yourself as a person of quality and connection.

Consider each category of your life. Let’s say you have three main categories: family, work, and a hobby. So each of these would have an avatar. Family data will connect with family members, maybe your vacation plans or wedding arrangements. Your work avatar has this months big project and is connected with others on the project. Your hobby of fly fishing has an avatar with all your data about hidden locations with the best fishing. All your fishing buddies are connected.

What about your special projects? Do you need a political avatar, a club avatar, a dietary avatar, a gardening avatar? Me personally, I have six web locations where I connect for collaboration. There are another six where collaboration would happen far more efficiently than if we were searching for emails. If all were on iAS, then management would be simple. Also leveraged. Our communications would be leveraged if we had public articles that everyone could connect with and then share on social media.

This is all about regaining the connections we once had when towns and villages were small. Then, we knew what was going on, and we could collaborate. Somehow that connection got lost in our immense cities and modern life style. But we can regain that connection using stable, filtered, directed communications.

On the web, most data is either locked or hidden away somewhere, or it scrolls past never to be seen again. You could arrange a presentation on your own computer, but maybe get in trouble for sharing. On iAS, upload whatever you want, share all you want.

Connecting the dots on iAS is how you arrange a presentation for the world to see. It stays public so you can improve your presentation, and others can link with it to expand the possibilities. The great stuff will be on top, and then linked with everything below in support.

Remember why you are doing this. You want to improve life. You know, we are all on the same boat, Earth. Making others happy is what makes you happy. On iAS we share positive, we share productive. That is how society works. That is why life works.


All in the same boat, we make each other happy, healthy and wise.


Beyond immediate needs of family, work and hobby, there is a greater need for meaning. This is the big picture on iAS. Connect the greater meaning and the greater intelligence around the world. Many people dedicate a large portion of their lives to doing something well. Naturally, you want to share this wisdom with our youth and with similar people for collaboration. You know that sharing empowers knowledge. Sharing with millions empowers exponentially.

iAS gives special treatment to wisdom. Your wisdom fits into categories and tags, and is applied to a given audience. Now the right people can find the right knowledge. Further, your wisdom is evaluated at the start, and evaluated again as you improve the article. It moves up. As it gains attention and trust, more connections are made. Valuable input comes your way. Again your article is improved. Again it moves up.

Special treatment doesn’t stop. All the knowledge in the world is nothing if it does nothing. This is where the collaboration pays off. The collaborators create a plan of action that is backed by hundreds of articles and followers. When the plan is optimized, it moves to Money matrix to be supported and implemented. You people are the ones to change the world.

We make this whole process so user friendly and easy. Behind the slick design of the web pages is considerable complexity. Over 100,000 lines of code create the ease and the algorithms for presentation of your data. This is just the beginning, so hold onto your hats. As the site will improve so will your connections improve. Knowledge will improve. Education will improve. Life on our little boat will improve.

I often wonder how the iAS project might have been different had it begun on a platform similar to our own. I would not have been alone. I would just ask the question on Global matrix, “How do we inform the world of better means to raise and educate our children?” Then myself, and a thousand other people, would write what is needed. Maybe in three months (instead of three years) we would understand to create a platform to crowdsource the wisdom of the planet. The various projects resulting would each be under a different avatar. After much of the work was completed by volunteers, the final project would be crowdfunded by the followers. We would be under budget and on line in 18 months, instead of after five years and large expense. That being said, iAS will be crowdsourced, and our development will go exponential. You, the people, will decide how this site develops.