Today was recovery from yesterday’s two hours removing heavy wet snow from 300’ of driveway. Thank goodness I had a massage scheduled at noon. My injured foot needed attention. But before that was a phone conference. I met with my attorney and financial manager along with an investment company back east. We may have found a way to help finance operations of the site when we go live this summer. We want many people showing interest in investing and prove that the world is ready for  iAS and for change.

This afternoon was another marathon WebEx meeting with Marina in Portland. We went through a bunch of website issues, picking though every aspect for quality and function. Most of the time went to discerning the suggestions we will provide users when they create a new article. Categories and tags help users identify what the article is about, and we want this task made easy by providing suggestions. Having laid out all the parts on a spreadsheet, my task after dinner was to review for quality and fill in any missing pieces.

My final task for the evening was writing a few articles for our blog. Oops… its after midnight. Gotta quit, I’ve a meeting with Sarah at nine, and Alex at 10:30. The work is practically non-stop around the clock.