A new website can be up in minutes. Not this website. After more than two years we have a great beginning. The current story we are working on is Linking. This linking is a simple concept, just link one item with another item. Done! However, read the story below for yourself. Maybe 70 hours has gone into creating the Link story below. It is one of several that will be combined into the linking function on iAmSapien. Each “story” is explicit instructions for the developers to use in writing code. We have written over 1500 stories. See if you can add something to the story below such that the function is improved. If successful, ask for a job.


Link Page: A page opens to begin linking, with three boxes at the top including options to 1) see links 2) see article 3) search.
Link Article: An avatar uses article creation and presentation. Here the article describes why the linking, and it “holds” the article links.
Link1 matrix: Our matrix format, with banner, title bar, and boxes. The *single avatar’s* linked items are the boxes (articles/avatars gathered from other matrices).
Links matrix: Our matrix format, with banner, title bar, and boxes. *All avatars’ *Link Articles are the boxes (articles with associated link1 matrices)
Linked articles (or “links”): The items collected in a link matrix: any answers, any questions (including life questions), and avatars. These include business or personal.
Link Box: Add a new box to each matrix titled, “LINK”. See this box after Add New and See New.
Link item: The items that may be linked, including avatars, answers, and questions.
Spaces: A space can replace a box in a link matrix.
Link icon: A chain link. Click in box to begin linking. Click in Link article to see Link1 matrix.
Matrix icon: Click in Link Article to see Link Matrix of link articles.

Enable users to link any boxes from any matrix and present these links in a matrix associated with an article.
The list of items for programmers includes creating:
A special matrix for individual authors to use. Means to edit or position items on the special matrix. An article linked with the link1 matrix. A special Link page for creating a link1 matrix, with search, seven filter circles with tool tips, a link counter box, and article link box. Add items to the link1 matrix by clicking a link icon. Another general matrix to hold all link articles. Variations on the Link matrix presentation for Basic, Silver, Gold members. Place a title bar on Link Page. Special publishing workflow is to Draft or to Link Matrix (with Link Matrix being the only associated question).

Users want to link similar material for greater understanding or for greater breadth
Users want to link any relative information (Link Items) as a separate matrix
Users want link articles to be voted on in a Link Matrix.
Users want a Link Article to describe a Link1 matrix
Users want all the Link Articles in the site to be presented in a Link Matrix
Users want to link input to input in a logical sequence, in a stable Link1 Matrix
Users want to use Spaces to create logic in a Link1 Matrix


• Standard icon for linking: one or two chain links (Replace the other link icon)
• Who can link: Gold, Silver, and Basic members.
• With these Link1 matrix formats:
a. Gold members (Personal & Promo) have unlimited linking: ten lines of boxes per matrix page. (Up to thirty boxes or spaces per page on unlimited pages)
b. Silver members (Personal & Promo) have enhanced linking: three lines of boxes per matrix page, but only one page. (Up to nine boxes or spaces on one page)
c. Basic has basic linking: just one line for links and only one page (Up to three boxes or spaces on one page)
(Free users have no access to linking)


There are 3 ways to create a link:

1. From header menu
Click VIEW.
See *Link page* (Opens as full page.)
See three boxes:
a. “Links 0″ (the count of items user picked is dynamically displayed here, beginning with zero)
b. “Link article”
c. “Search”
Click Search
See below (the three boxes) a search field. This will function the same as the search in the header. (A user enters a word or several words separated by commas and results are displayed underneath in boxes, just like in a matrix.
See search results displayed 6 boxes per page.
Click a link icon on a box to choose one item, or choose several items by clicking several link icons.
See highlighted the clicked link icons. Click again to unhighlight, and to remove from the count.
See the number change in “Links” box at top.

2. From any matrix (Global, Lounge, Life, Avatar, Issues, Improve)
See three boxes at top of matrix: Add New, See New, and Link (Link is the new box).
Click the link icon on any box in the matrix to choose one or several items to link.
Link Box will dynamically count how many links user chose. (This link count begins with no number.)
Click Link box.
See Link Page.
See LINKS box at top, with the link count (count is sustained from previous page, or otherwise begins with zero).
If the user goes to another page and chooses another link, the Link box will continue the count.
If the user goes to another matrix, the Link box will display previously-selected links and will dynamically update the count if the user chooses more links.

3. From any matrix
Click Links box in a matrix to go to Link page. See 1 for functions on Link page.

RULE: Regardless of which location user starts at, as soon as the user chooses a second link item, two things are automatically created:
a. Link1 matrix (accessed via Link Article)
b. Link Article (accessed via Drafts in the in-use avatar)
c. Default title: “Unnamed Link Article”
Click title (in Link1 matrix) to see Link Article
Click link icon (in the article) to see the link matrix. See below.

There will be a title bar on the Link Page above the three boxes.
Title bar will have:
a) Name of the Link article. Click to see the Link Article.
b) 7 circles with tooltips: Promo Personal Question Article Avatar Private All
Circles will function as checkboxes: a user can choose one or several at the same time.
When user chooses one or several, the search results are sorted according to his choices.
c) Paging to see search results, and for Gold members to page through Link1 matrix.
d) 4-box icon. Clicking on it will take me to the current Link1 Matrix.
e) User’s avatar with dropdown. An in-use avatar is showing; a user can choose another avatar from the menu.

*III. LINK ARTICLE* creation and publication
A link article is associated with the Link Matrix (answering the question, What items are pooled in Link1 matrices?)
When user clicks on a middle box Link Article, he is taken to a standard article creation.
The article will have a default name “Unnamed link article”. User can change it.
User can publish the article to Link Matrix, or to Draft on his avatar page.
Always, the Link1 matrix will be saved with that article.
Article title bar will show a Link icon to indicate there exists a Link1 Matrix. User clicks the icon to go to that matrix and see all the linked items.
{color:#f79232}(problem with autosave – clicking on Link Matrix icon should take a user to the matrix, hence it will be considered exiting article creation, so a user will see a warning if he really wants to exit and the article will be saved as a draft or if he wants to stay on the article to continue editing.

*LINK ARTICLE Exception to Standard Article:*
On Data page, see “Choose one: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4 Link5 ”
• Hover to see tool tip: 1. Linear Format 2. Pyramid Format 3. Inverted Pyramid (The gist is on top) 4. Flowchart 5.One-User (Everything is from just one user’s avatars) 6. Vote Matrix (Crowdsource your topic)
• Click to highlight (only one type of format)
• Search can filter for these via Link1, Link2… or Linear Format, Pyramid Format…
• Vote matrix is open or closed. If open, others may add items. This option opens on clicking VOTE MATRIX. See Open or Closed highlighted along with VOTE MATRIX. The avatar may choose Open or Closed as desired.
This is a collection of all Link Articles published to any matrices and gathered in this matrix.
There will be a standard title bar. The Matrix icon takes user to Link matrix.
Two question matrices:
a. First question matrix: “Link matrix”. Asking, What are all user’s Link Articles?
b. Second question matrix: “Link1 matrix”. Asking, What linked items does the Link Article refer to?

Link items associated with the Link Article are collected in this matrix.
Link1 matrix has a standard title bar.
The title bar *Matrix icon* is seen by author only. Click to edit Link Page and Link1 matrix.
Underneath the title bar will be the Link Article’s title.
Link Article’s title is clickable; click it to go to Link Article’s presentation.
A link item may be dragged to a new position on the page.
A link item may be dragged to another page in the Link1 Matrix (Gold members only).
A link item may be deleted. Click three-lines. Click “Remove this link”. See “Remove? Yes No

Standard matrix with title bar and voting.
Banner: “Links are Rocket Fuel for Wisdom”
The boxes are Link Articles
Click matrix icon to see Matrix1
Click title to see the article

Link1 matrices present as three boxes across and stable position (otherwise as a single line of Link Items).
Link1 matrix: Spaces are added, moved or deleted by the author.
Link1 matrix: Link boxes are added, moved or deleted by the author.
Link1 matrix: Boxes and spaces can be positioned in full or half position (so they can make a pyramid shape).
Link1 matrices are stable. Members may vote on articles read in a link matrix, but this does not affect the link matrix.
Linking is for paid members, Basic, Silver and Gold. Visitors and Free members may *not* create a Link Article or Link1 matrix.
Autosave the article and autosave the link1 matrix
Regardless of which location user starts at, as soon as the user chooses 2 link (items), automatically created are: Link1 Matrix, and its article.
Users may link a Link Article with any other articles or avatars.
Users may link between matrices.
A Link Article “must remain published”
A Link1 matrix may be edited.
The Link Article is voted on, made favorite, made followed, or liked. (The Link1 matrix has none of this.)

# When in Link Page, and searching for link items, will browser back button return the user to the previous search page, and can the user change selected items?
# How are Links dragged between pages of the Link1 matrix for Gold members?
# How does search filter for Link1, Link2, Pyramid Format, etc?
# How are spaces applied to a line in place of boxes?
# Could users choose a format for Link1 matrix?
a. Lock the format as 3 boxes (or spaces) across? Because, when display on various devices, the user’s format should remain the same.
b. When 3 boxes across is not possible for a device, change to a linear format.
c. Multiple spaces grouped in a matrix, when changed to linear format, will collapse to one space, or become a dividing line or mark.

Method of linking is #1 – header dropdown
Nine boxes allowed for Basic, Silver, Gold
One page only for Link1 matrix
No spaces on Link1 matrix
No positioning on Link1 matrix
Hide “Private” in sevens circles, or omit sevens circles entirely
No title bar (or maybe just paging so user can page through search results)

Link1 matrices are open or closed. Users want to link items into a matrix for crowdsourcing. The open matrix contains any link items added by any paid member. Votes move the link items in the Link1 matrix. Votes do not apply outside the Link1 matrix. See Open or Closed icons in the title bar. The author opens or closes at will. The author deletes any link item.
Private Links: Gold members can create Link1 matrices that have special access via messaging.
Private Links: Gold members can create Link1 matrices that have special access via messaging.

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