Who are the responsible people making life happen? College professors? Scientists? Moms? The guys operating heavy machinery? We all do our part. The people operating large industries, massive operations with complex communications and management, these people are principal in getting bread to the table and turning on the lights. The 1% wealthiest and most powerful people are doing 99% of what it takes to make life work. The rest do our part preparing society to receive manufactured goods.

There exists a caveat. This is in regard to what it takes to make life work. If life is all about satisfying immediate needs then the system is working great. Now, what if the game of immediate satisfaction is not your game? What if you are playing the long term game? What if you are creating a world for your grandchildren, a world blessed with abundance, beauty and joy? Now what do you do?

What you do is join the 1% that live for a brighter tomorrow. You join minds with those fulfilling long term needs. You link with them on iAmSapien to wrestle with our vast knowledge until actions come forth demonstrating wisdom. This is the 1% difference.

What is the 2% difference as the title above suggests? The powerful 1% are not waiting for protest marches, news reporters, or legal attacks. They are waiting for 1% to lead a plan of action. The powerful 1% are busy just keeping us alive. Reorganizing our thinking and our behaviors, that is our job.

We, the 1% activated, will organize the best method to make life happen. Money will shift direction. Then the politics will shift direction. Then the news media will shift direction.  The reality is, the powerful 1% is the sail, the 98% is the wind, and the 1% who choose to come together as activated, to create a brighter tomorrow, we are the rudder. That is how we get our lives, and the world, to shift direction.