Our society, by an large, acts as if need does not exist. But let’s step back and take a look at what we are doing with the planet. Society sees the planet as if we have unlimited everything, and satisfying unlimited want. All the oceans, all the arable land, all of the wild habitats, and possibly even all of the sky and the near space around the planet are being exploited as if unlimited. People feel free to maximize their wants and satisfy all their needs.  If a breaking point exists, each day we see if we can push this point a little further into the future. With great faith we believe need does not exist. Such is the magic expected of our industrial and technological revolutions and exponential growth.

Is it real… our idea that need does not exist? Maybe technology will rush to fulfill every desire. If we step back even further maybe there is an answer in the context of the larger picture.

Purely physical and Newtonian, any logical person knows we will use up most of the resources and kill most of the life on the planet. Need will indeed exist. We will need ways of creating resources and ways of restoring balance to the biosphere. Only the dead will experience any lack of need.

Purely metaphysical, any “idiot” knows we have no real need. Mentally and emotionally we each decide every moment how to experience perception. We can want something, or not. We can be satisfied, or not. Even hunger, pain and death can be accepted as merely passing perceptions. These are illusions we conjure to demonstrate an existence that never really existed in the first place.

Science seems to share the insanity. The perceptual world does not match the mathematical world. Our perceptions are here for our sense of survival and not our sense of reality. That being so, need does not exist as a measurable thing. Humanity was right all along.

Now the choice it up to you. Does need exist? Look at it this way: Because you are an individual and because you live a complex life full of mystery, you get to choose. From the depths of your being, you get to choose. The real question then, the real need, is for you to choose how deep and how vast will you make your choice? The meaning this has is to you as an individual, and who you want to be. So, who do you want to be?