Spring is here, and Spring is the time of iAmSapien. The Beta site is operational. All are invited to get on a Matrix and say how to create change as positive, as community, as you.

A beautiful Sunday in Spokane Washington. I spent Saturday weeding a portion of my garden and harvesting the early herbs. The garlic I neglected last year came back, already ten inches tall.

Today is spent at the local coffee shop preparing for humanity’s springtime. I’m seeking new ways to promote the site. Email, social media, television, celebrities… whatever means to reach the public and tell them we are still growing as a society. How do we tell people there are options for our  amazing race of intelligent people? How do we appeal to people to create their own path to a brighter future?

Maybe we need a headline statement, something that says it all in a one-liner. How do we tell people in a few words that a sustainable life is important, that a happy life is worth risking for, that the basis of intelligence is simply courage, that responsibility is community being proactive, that our ability to make these choices is what life is all about? How do we tell people that technology has brought us the power of crowdsourcing, a systematic approach to accessing synergistic intelligence? How do we tell people that imminent consequences to our behaviors can be changed by simply changing our behaviors? How do we say in a few words that the evolution of the individual, and of society, is a most exciting adventure?

This is my project for today, a few words that say it all and capture the imagination of the world. After a winter of being self-centered, Spring is arriving for society. It is time people awaken to collective responsibility.
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