Easy as pie. A piece of cake.

Empowering people for change is this simple process… just follow a recipe and get the desired results. Happiness.

Crowdsourcing is the process. As a full process, it is a layer cake. Each layer is a crowdsourced outcome. Each layer is a foundation for what comes next.

The icing on this cake is the final outcome: a functional planet, a beautiful life, and empowerment that will evolve with the times.

The projects we collectively decided to support are what bring us to an outcome of function and fun. Working together is a powerful and fun way of being.

Most projects use limited crowdsourcing. These are projects performed by governments, institutions, industries, services and events. They limit public participation by incorporating only one or two layers of the crowdsource cake. Usually they want your labor or your money, but not much else.

Happiness is what works

iAmSapien incorporates all aspects of the crowdsource cake. We use your collective wisdom to say what is a great job, who is doing a great job and how collectively support gets the job done. Positive and proactive always. Effective crowdsourcing is positive and proactive.



The process, in top-down order…

The icing is the happiness experienced when life just flows because people understand and create the flow of life.

The top layer is the project supported to completion. We collectively do what we say we will do because we have agreed it is in our best interests.

How was this project formulated into a process? From those who gave input, the collective voted on the best people and process.

What is the project people should be working on? This is the project that makes the most sense. Because members link together the best information, the best summary of knowledge can be voted on. The best linked wisdom is the project. Everyone is invited to vote for what is the brightest tomorrow we can act on today.

Where do we get the knowledge for the design of wise projects? From the collective energy, the synergy of modern society. It is crowdsourced. People use experience, read books, take classes, and use technology to access global knowledge. Thousands or millions of people input the base knowledge that declares what life is all about. Because all this knowledge is continuously improved and voted on, you easily have the best to choose from.

How can people be best empowered with the best process? What creates the best “World Brain” as H.G. Wells called it? Again, we ask the collective wisdom. Members put their ideas on the Improve Matrix and vote on them. Then the programmers can choose from the best to implement on the site. Also, members are invited to find the synergy between web platforms built to empower society. Together, these platforms are exponentially more effective.

Ultimately, the phenomena of crowdsourcing is in your hands. How is it that the power of crowdsourcing platforms can be yours? And again, the power of outsourcing is crowdsourcing. iAs is both open source and franchised. Other’s will duplicate the site and with their own slant, competing for your votes with other sister sites. You choose who is doing the best job. The others have opportunity to employ the open source code. Everyone wins. Being positive and proactive is what wins.

Everyone Wins