Human will is a force that moves society. Our will has moved social change at a pace that increased exponentially. Population and technology have exploded. The world has transformed overnight. A grand shift has already occurred. Whether things will change in the future is not the question. The question now is if people will move the change or be moved by the change.

Human ingenuity developed our agriculture, transportation, government, communications, chemistry, industry, and the techno revolution. Each of us learned our part, and then together we implemented change. With passion, with friendships, and in hierarchical structure we became a force to remake nature into technology and a new way of being.

This tremendous force of humanity, is there an intention to match our exponential creativity? Are we intending to just create, or are we intending to create something? In the first case, any volcano exploding, or any mold growing, is a creative force. In the second case, a level of intelligence is at work. There is intention at work planning a method and planning a future.

Human will was intended to be more than just a force. Human will is an opportunity to exponentially increase creative intelligence. This is possible because one person’s leaning can educate others. The other’s learning can educate the one exponentially. The many can work together to expand education globally. The global community can educate the individual profoundly. This is all made easy because everyone can share a method and a future on iAmSapien. People are intelligence to move the change to a brighter future.