Just as water runs its course from cloud to drops to river to ocean, so does knowledge have a course.

  1. Knowing begins in the mind as distant imaginings. Clouds of data take shape overhead as one thing or another. Gradually various forms develop. We form ideas what family looks like, how government should function, and why we exist. As vague ideas, their application won’t make a quality difference. iAS is a place to study these ideas, develop them, and make a difference.
  2. Knowledge accumulates into drops that shower our cities. We don’t know for sure what knowledge will work until tested socially. In our conversations we drop our ideas on people. If accepted, this is permission to rain similar ideas. On iAS your best voted ideas are ones you share more of.
  3. Knowledge coalesces into flows. Drops of knowledge become rivers of knowledge as many people add their drops to the storm. Rivers of knowledge transport change to society. Fluidity is essential to social change. iAS coalesces drops into rivers with new courses into the future.
  4. Knowledge has destiny. If dispersion is entropy, then the coming together of knowledge is life. Somehow the many flows of knowledge must find a home in the future. On iAS the flows of knowledge come together in one place, joining for a great purpose. On iAS knowledge is directed to form something vast and sustained, a future full of potential.

To give life to knowledge and make it bloom:

• Make knowledge personal…  On iAS you associate,  improve, valuate, connect and share.

• Make knowledge relative…  This is better than that. That belongs with this.

• Make knowledge important…  On iAS  knowledge is positive, for empowerment, for possibility.