Yes, it is all so daunting isn’t it?

The government is not mine to control. The climate is not mine to control. News media are not mine to control.  I can barley pay my bills and keep the house clean. Little more can be expected of me. Those fleeting moments of happiness are all that keep me going. Thank heavens for friends who join me in small talk or in ranting how others should be more responsible.

Life is a really big happening. We understand so little of it, and affect even less. Our part has little or no bearing on what happens in the future. The anxiety it causes us to even consider change feels debilitating. Besides, if we did try to make a change, so many people would come against us and only a few would support us. No one has the money or the time even if we did have the desire.

If I am honest, then I have to say the real issue is, I’m afraid. Or, maybe it is something even deeper than fear. It seems like, if I change my direction in life, if I step into something new, that death is on the other side of that door. It feels like I would die. I won’t go there.

We know what life is. We know what is routine and how to survive. What more does anyone expect? We do the best we can. Who is ready for a beer?

Does this essay express the lives of people today? I’m with you. This is a strange and daunting world in which we live. But it is also amazing, beautiful and miraculous.

Engaging all of life is the deepest act of courage.