People are biologicals. Because of their brain chemistry these biologicals apply meaning to just about anything. They love the color of their clothes and a good cup of coffee. They cherish a new car and a new house. They hope for the next ocean cruise and marvel at the next technological invention. A new marriage and a newborn baby will receive their utmost attention. Still, people are biologicals. The meaning they discern is little more than the chemical reaction within their minds.

Given that our biology, and our applied meanings, are all we have, what are we to make of life? Does life matter? Well, it still hurts when I prick my finger. A perfect friendship still means more to me than a gold watch. I would rather picnic in a beautiful place in nature than on a sidewalk in the city. Actually, the answer to what matters is quite simple. Obvious choices for health, relationship and beauty are what is meaningful. No great theology or philosophy is necessary to arive at the meaning of life. As biologicals we have built in appreciation. This appreciation is our survival.



Given that life is so simple, how is it the biologicals have made such a mess of life? Spending hours in traffic jams each day is not what we had in mind. Skyrocketing prices for food and healthcare do not make life easier. On a planet of extreme abundance and extreme sophistication, how is it that even the first things are not managed to our liking? Who is responsible for this mess?

I’m tempted here to wax philosophical. Perhaps nothing matters because we are making this all up. Or I could be cynical. Perhaps they are to blame… you know, them… the white people, the black people, the yellow people, the brown people, the red people, and even the greys. Its the democrats, the republicans, the libertarians, the Green Party, or even the secrete societies. We biologicals have a unique understanding of life… simply assign responsibility either to the unknown or to the person standing next to you.


Biologicals are so smart. Or at least they think they are. But if they were smart, what would that look like? Would it be hundreds of shelves of books? How about computers running at 10 Gigabytes per second? Maybe smart is a United Nations where all the leaders come together to resolve all world problems. Smart should have been students running to their schools with excitement and joy and anticipation. Smart should have been daily news papers proclaiming the genius of various groups who work selflessly so to make life beautiful. Smart should have been a government that helps these schools and groups work together, activating all of us toward a brilliant future.

iAS is a place to work together.