The target audience… who are the people we will hit on to join the team on iAmSapien? Are they the sixty to seventy percent women we have found on social media, people who see meaning in statements of positive outlook, positive change. Are our target audience the thirty to forty percent men who have the courage to dream big, seeing a different picture of our global future?

Who are the activated people? Who are the ones to say what a grand tomorrow looks like? Some day the vast majority of us will want to play a part in the grand decisions to declare where we are going as a society. In the mean time, there are many of us willing to play our part. We will vote on quality content. We will give comment on what improvement looks like. We will spread the word on social media.

Who are the key people, the ones to initially lead us in the right direction? These are the people eager to do some work. When I personally was asked to find a quality role model for a new private school, I got the job simply because I was willing to do the work. I was possibly the least qualified in the group of 150, but I had the trust of the group that I would put in the effort. I studied nightly on the web, three to six hours at a time. I read around seven or eight books, watched videos, and listened to audio tapes describing education and the results that occur in our youth. After several months I sent a forty pound box of supporting materials to the central office along with an explanation why these materials were on track for a better education method. My pay: $0.00

Better stated, my pay was an improved sense of self, a gratitude that I had made a sincere effort to move my own community toward a brighter future. In the process, I had increased my knowledge of humanity. I knew myself better as well. I knew with greater clarity my choice of direction in life. Eventually, this website was born from my new found awareness.

The key people who will move iAS, and the world, to a bright tomorrow are the people willing to make the effort because the pay is so much greater than can be put into dollars and cents. The pay is to one’s soul. The pay is to one’s family. The pay is to the children now inheriting the planet, and in whatever condition we leave it to them. I know with all my being that this is important. I know it has been worth my time the last five years to put together a web platform for empowerment. It is worth every penny. Now you feel the same because now you are a key person who will do some simple things. You will apply positive comments and materials regarding what matters most to you. You will apply references to back up what you say. You will vote up the people and materials that lead to the same bright tomorrow that you envision. You key people are our target audience. You are educated or self-taught. You have access to a computer and the internet. You are eager to spend some of your valued time on iAmSapien because you are aware that this project, this mission, is unquestionably the most valuable part of your day.  For you, for family, for community, and for the world.