If it weren’t for the challenges of life, what would be the fun? But life is terribly challenging. So, the thing is to make the challenge fun.

Hold your friends close. Hold your enemies closer. Might this wisdom apply to the challenges of life? What if we bring the enemy close so to win them over to our side. We might turn what was painful into fun.

Some of the challenges of life are: Finding happiness to learn after schooling has made learning unhappy. Finding joy in taking on risk after parents have worked so hard to remove risk. Being comfortable with the unknown after ego has become based in the pretense of knowing. Finding delight in emotions after culture taught us to dissociate feelings from our words. Feeling secure in one’s inherent ability to be wise though the milieu demands oppression.

Beside all these challenges, should we even mention that people must deal with life and death, the spiritual and the earthly, the moral and the unjust, order verses chaos, instinct verses reason, and a need for peace and beauty while strength seems empowered by violence.

These are life’s challenges. To turn them to our side, we must find joy in holding them close until they become our cause of joy. Embrace education. Smile at parents. Laugh at emotions. Talk about death. Hold strong your peace and beauty. Above all, sing about humility. It is the beginning of wisdom.

Think about it. How many challenges are dealt with effectively through unwise actions? If people want happiness, and surely they do, would not our culture place a high value on wisdom? Wouldn’t it be normal for people to aspire to wisdom, talk about wisdom, and build structures in behalf of wisdom? Wouldn’t people seek wise media at least as much as they seek distraction?

There is a massive challenge in today’s society. All the challenges listed above have become moot points because they have been swamped by the greater challenge, hopelessness. If hope is an inkling that one can manifest happiness through wisdom, then hopelessness is a belief that one’s mental abilities will bring frustration and pain. This is the challenge now engaging our society. Abstaining from wisdom, people find good reason to seek happiness in addictions. It is a mistaken belief that with less thought there will be less pain.

How is that working?  Does unwise action lead to happiness? Obviously not, but there is a great delusion spreading across our society that believes less wisdom is more happiness. So, if this is today’s challenge, how do we hold it close? Where is the fun in dealing with this irony?

The answer is in the phrase from The Godfather Part II, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. It was more than a lesson from dad. Somehow, dad would have demonstrated the power in engaging others positively, then to use closeness to leverage change. This was dad role modeling how to achieve happiness. We need more role models demonstrating the power of engaging life. We need people to demonstrate the relationship between wisdom and happiness. This we might do in many ways. Here, we focus on one in particular.

The website, iAmSapien, is here to challenge you to role model your power. Model positive and happy engagement. The ways to role model your happiness include: Vote for what is the best wisdom and link with these. Comment because you enjoy adding to the wisdom. Create an article from your greatest joy. Link with others holding close your friends and more so those you debate. Create groups that manifest your wisdom as an expression of happiness in the world. We are here to demonstrate the relationship between happiness and wisdom. Together we are a powerful role model for the world.