What’s been going on inside your head the last few minutes?

Would you call these goings-on intelligence?

Do these thoughts even matter enough to remember?


CONSCIOUSNESS    What happens in our heads is just a small part of intelligence. This conscious awareness is more of an end effect than a cause. As much as we people like to think that we are cause of our lives, this bit of self-assurance is misplaced. However, we could consciously broaden our sense of self, and thereby expand on intelligence. What we call “self” and “intelligence” is about to get bigger.

NUMBERS    The very practical way to see what is intelligence is through numbers. Intelligence is how many neurons with how many connections firing at what rate over what period of time and using how many sensors employing how many systems developed through what extent of resources and with x number of safeguards and feedback loops. Boring. This has no meaning. To be intelligent all this technology has to also employ the human element, the creation of meaning.

FIRST STATE   The first level of intelligence begins with admitting to not knowing what is meaning. We thought we knew. We thought our role models and teachers were giving us the God-sent truth of existence. But when we look the gift-horse in the mouth, we see that their motives and ideas arise from a complex, and unrefined, set of variables. Their numbers don’t add up.

EGO    Life is quite the adventure operating from chaos. The meaning we give life is the little bit of order we create and then pretend to have control. This idea of control, of an ego, is then at odds with humility which yet would create a great deal more of meaning and order.

STATES    Once a decision is made that humility is intelligence, then what? This humility is one part of self-awareness. If we can gain control over other parts, we begin to convert the Trojan Horse into a meaning machine. Only the humble person is ready to look at self as possibly mineral, vegetable, animal, sapient, social and spiritual.

SECOND STATE    Mineral? Vegetable? What do these have to do with intelligence? But intelligence arises from these things. Minerals allow my body and mind to function. If I fail to tend to this need, then I will deteriorate into levels of stupidity. Vegetables, not only do I need to consume them for their chemicals, but also we share an ecosystem that allows life. If I fail to tend to this need, then I will fail to tend the resources of intelligence. I will have lapsed into the slumber of stupidity.

THIRD STATE    Consideration for our foundations, the mineral and ecological systems that allow life, is basic for defining intelligence. A level up from that is our sapient existence. People are aware that they are aware. Having this condition is one thing. Creating meaning because of this condition is entirely another matter. The ego wants to have already arrived at meaning so it can go on as being something, doing something meaningful. We claim this ego state of intelligence is safe and fun, but it also makes us afraid to change. People with humility, however, will ask, “What can I do with my sapience, what more is it for?”

SKY    Sapience is for deciding what has meaning. The sky is the limit. We are able to think about self in this universe in many ways and come to any number of conclusions and make any number of actions. The way before us is so vast it seems unlimited. The prospect of this adventure, in the mind of the sapient, would have been sufficient stimuli to drive intelligence to evolve itself in a grand relationship with the universe. Yet are there more levels to our states of intelligence, and we do not escape their influence.

FOURTH STATE    Relationship is the next level. Intelligence is social. No mind exist as a singular intelligence but rather is connected and dependent on everything and throughout time. Sentience has some small control over enculturation, but the mindset of humanity determines the mindset of the individual. Even if an individual manages to think outside the box, he is still stuck in a warehouse full of boxes. Culture is a powerful drive determining the limits of intelligence, or determining the thrust of intelligence. It depends on how much a culture fights for their ego or trusts in humility. If humility is the thrust of the culture, then a push for intelligence will be the next step. Society will work as a team to cause more neurons firing faster, and more sensors using more systems with more safeguards and feedback loops. Working together for intelligence is the next level of intelligence. This exponential leap into the creation of meaning is powered by humility.

FIFTH STATE    What ever hypothesis or experience you may have regarding consciousness as more than a body, thank you. You are humble enough to ask the question. Are there unseen influences? A few hundred years ago radio waves did not exist, and it was considered foolish to even guess at such a thing. But humans were missing 98% of what was perceivable in our universe. Since then, our universe has grown far more extent and complex. In all humility, we have no idea how we will perceive life in another 200 years. As we manage control over vibrations, we may see ourselves as vibration. As people validate their experience with the beyond, we could see ourselves as connected with a greater life. The point is that intelligence is an evolving experience. As the numbers of intelligence evolve so does our concept of intelligence evolve. This evolution will necessarily happen as a culture. Then the culture will role model a larger sense of self for the individual consciousness. To proceed in this direction, it is humility that drives belief in the impossible.

COLLAPSE    Given that intelligence is how we create and evolve meaning, and that society needs a big dose of humility to get intelligence back on track, what is the stimulus to push humanity in the right direction? Social collapse would do it. Pull the rug out from under ego, destroying the meaning that ego relied on, and ego disappears for the moment. Such an event would also ruin our numbers, so maybe we don’t want to go there, starting over the evolution of intelligence. Maybe we can start from where we are at. We are connecting globally, educating most everyone, and creating technologies that then produce systems that will leverage our intelligence even further. So, of what we have, where is the solution?

RESOURCES    Restoring our evolution of intelligence can begin now. The power to do so lies in our systems. It is a matter of using our many sensors that employ our many systems with x number of safeguards and feedback loops. Much is already in place. We have Google and Wikipedia and Facebook and smart phones and computers. We have social networking in multiple forms. We have automated services coming up everywhere. Robotics and AI will create a revolution even faster than the last. Everything is in place to fuel an evolution in intelligence. Meaning is about to expand. What is “self” is about to expand. Consciousness is about to expand. So what is the key that turns on the intelligence machine?

RESTORATION    The key is in the hands of the few, the humble, who still believe in the impossible. They leap over the ego that is afraid of change, to arrive at an adventure unlike anything before. These people understand they are here to create meaning. We have a place for them to do just that. iAmSapien was created as a system that will leverage the intelligence of the humble, leverage their mental abilities and their resources into action. These activated people are our role models for a new tomorrow. They will demonstrate that courage is the path to happiness, a bigger self, and the evolution of meaning.