• I Think, Therefore, Iamsapien

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    On a recent edition of the television show, Sleepy Hollow, the character Dreyfuss declares, “People… by and large, people are herd animals. When it comes right down to it, most people, they really don’t want to bear the burden of governing themselves. Deep down, most people are violently opposed to the effort it takes to think for themselves. Do you know what all of the willingly helpless, bleating sheep really want, more than anything else? A shepherd… emperor… tsar perhaps… monarch maybe.”

    Hmm, a stimulus or a thought?

    It’s true. The natural tendency is to conserve energy, not think, not do. Store energy now in preparation for procreation or for famine. It is natural to focus mental power on what matters most, the basics of survival. Humans are doing the smart thing to relax, to not get involved, and not take risks. These people will certainly be the survivors. They will survive famine and live to procreate.

    Unreasonable are the risk takers. They get themselves involved in places they do not belong. They use their physical and mental resources to effect change,  changing the things that have little to do with personal safety or seeding one’s genetic material. They take on battles not their own, risking thinking for themselves, so to procure life for others. They take on responsibility not their own, correcting the future path of a whole society.

    This other reality also exists. In this reality, humans are more sapient and less stimulus-response. These people live as if humans have purpose. Because these people think, therefore they think of themselves as inherently responsible. Because they think, they think the adventure of life is more interesting than just surviving another day. Because they think, they take the risk to face life directly, not engaging life by remote control. Because they think, they decide in favor of courage, stepping through the unknown, and finding wisdom through the adventure of living.

    At great risk… to think for themselves


  • The Pillars of iAmSapien

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    Members talk with each other to collaborate.



    Members vote up the best information, people, plans, support of action, and even the website design itself.



    Users will crowdsource support of businesses that best support life.



    Members support cooperation and intelligence knowing, and feeling, it is the right thing to do.



    The Fabric Holding Information in Place


    Anyone may explore easy discussion and play with presentations.


    Members explore a  selection of issues provided to prompt a positive direction.


    Members enjoy full potential to declare what is important and what to do about it.


    Members with businesses declare their intentions for a wonderful life.


    Members see who is voted best at declaring a new tomorrow.


    Members put the best information together as a single plan.


    Members say how a plan is energized by funds, people, support.


    Members crowdsource what the matrices will become on iAmSapien.


    Members crowdsource what iAmSapien is not.




    Declare what is proactive to bring a brighter tomorrow.


    Join with similar minds, empowered with voice and vote.


    Together we crowdsource the greater knowledge for action.


    Our actions, crowdsourced from knowledge globally, are human intelligence for a wonderful life.

  • Open Source People

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    Hey, let’s open source people! If a person’s inner wisdom is no secrete, then we all can benefit from everyone’s experience and learning.

    Open source code

    What is open source? This website would not be possible except for open source code. Because thousands of people were willing to share their knowledge of coding, the potential for all of us went exponential.
    Thousands of hours of work was shared for the collective benefit. These shared products were improved upon and then shared again. In this way the collective wisdom is crowdsourced. Where a team of experts could only begin to say what is needed, a global team gets the job wrapped up in no time.

    As computer code is open sourced so that our computers and phones function from day to day, so can life be open sourced such that life will function with ease, with beauty, with sustainability. The evolution of technology is very rapid because of open sourced thinking
    . It is time that the evolution of society caught up by making our assessment of life open sourced.


    Our smartest university graduates create thousands of term papers, research papers and theses each year, papers that few of us get to read. Our philosophers present their best to a few friends, and then the wisdom dies. Those who spend a lifetime in study will write some books, and then the conversation will end. But there is a way that our best and brightest can open their learning to the world. The conversation can take on a life of its own.

    For thousands of years our small societies were dependent on open sourced knowledge. Through conversation, the coming generation learned everything from their elders. Survival depended on it. Today we once again approach the point where the coming generation will need access to the knowledge of past generations. They will need the knowledge to recreate the future. The extent of our knowledge, and future options, are enormous. Yet, as with sharing code, each person need only do their small part.

    We already have Google and Wikipedia and Quora sharing vast knowledge. So let’s just find a way to implement that knowledge. Even as the people writing code have their resources, the knowledge just doesn’t sit there. They don’t read it like a newspaper and then throw it away. Instead they assess what is there. They choose from the best and then modify it to make it better. They take their evolved creation and apply it to thousands of other code that have gone through the same process. Having found perfection, they share perfection back to the sources, and the process begins again.

    iAmSapien.com depends on this process. So much knowledge is available. Now it is you who are going to choose the best, improve on it, apply it to an active knowledge base, and then share the perfection back to Google, Wikipedia, Quora and the world.

    How is it that our complex society could return to the ancient sharing of wisdom so fundamental to our social evolution? The answer is to model after working systems, both technological and natural. The objective is not so much to know something as to do something. Success in doing is our wisdom. To get us there as a community, iAS allows everyone to share. To get us there with ease, iAS crowdsources both the knowledge and the action. To get us there empowered, we leverage your global connections with similar minds. To get us there and beyond, iAS lets you improve your input again and again.

    The technology we use is the vastness of the web, and the sorting power of microcircuitry. We use artistic magic to present on an LCD screen as simple what is deeply complex.

    The natural systems we model after are the workings of the brain and of society. The brain shows us that most of the vast incoming data must be dealt with subconsciously. The mundane is weeded out, and significant connections are made where it matters most. Then the important data is tagged with emotions to create a hierarchy. Finally, the conscious brain chooses from the tagged material what is to be applied today for a brighter tomorrow. This hierarchy of functions also happen on iAS as a product of matrices organization, your voting, and your application of the knowledge to today and tomorrow.

    A sociological model is also in play. Naturally, people talk to each other intending to say something significant. Sometimes to laugh. Mostly society is dependent on how well we communicate needs and intentions so that roads get built, so that food gets served, and so our children are prepared for life. iAS is all about significant communication. The intention is life. The source of the wisdom that will make life great comes from our interactions and our support of others. Open sourcing of so many minds is a powerful means to create an evolved society.

  • The Eternal Wisdom

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    Lost this past year were two people who heavily influenced my life, Joseph Chilton Pearce and Marshall B. Rosenberg. Joseph gave gave us works such as “Crack in the Cosmic Egg”, and “Magical Child”. Marshall committed his life to world peace, and gave us Nonviolent Communication or “NVC”. I admire these people who demonstrated a life of learning and teaching. They role-model the wisdom that is community. The gift each of us has to give is the joy within for bringing our own bit of wisdom to humanity.









    These people are not lost. We have their books. We have videos. Their followers still announce to the world what is an evolved way of being. Even so, my feeling is of an emptiness not having them on the planet. Their conversation is so much a part of my being that a voice continues in the darkness. A voice speaks and no one answers.

    Books are not the same as conversation. Knowledge is not the same as wisdom. What is needed is the sort of conversation that integrates knowledge into society, evolving our way of being toward function and happiness. This is where iAS enters the picture.

    With all our technology, we are not lacking conversation. More talk is reaching people farther and faster than ever. However, there is something more. Somehow the talk has to become a productive, evolving aspect of each of our lives. This is not new. This happened for thousands of years in ancient societies, and caused humanity to become what it is today. So, let’s repeat success.

    Success is the passing of wisdom from teacher to student, from elder to youth, and from the honored command to the working followers. Success is honoring wisdom where it is found, and then reaching up to become that wisdom. In life, what could be more fun, more challenging, more rewarding? On iAS, we honor those with the greater wisdom, the smarter posts, and we strive to model after them by improving our own posts. We will recombine other’s knowledge into new wisdom, setting new heights, and setting our evolution in motion.

    As we role model, and as we reach higher, there is both a gathering and a filtering. The lesser falls away as we regroup around the higher order. As societies have done for thousands of years, we gather where the social good is doing the best job of creating a brilliant future. Wisdom has always been a crowdsourced event. Modern society almost forgot this fact. We were loosing the power to create a future. What modern society needed was means to regain our conversation and role modeling. This is iAS.

    I wonder… had Joseph and Marshall added their conversations to iAmSapien, might their conversations have taken on a life of their own? Would their lifetime of learning yet have a voice? That is my hope for you. May your conversation take on a life as humanity’s conversation. May you be a part of a new tomorrow.

  • 8 March 2017


    Today was recovery from yesterday’s two hours removing heavy wet snow from 300’ of driveway. Thank goodness I had a massage scheduled at noon. My injured foot needed attention. But before that was a phone conference. I met with my attorney and financial manager along with an investment company back east. We may have found a way to help finance operations of the site when we go live this summer. We want many people showing interest in investing and prove that the world is ready for  iAS and for change.

    This afternoon was another marathon WebEx meeting with Marina in Portland. We went through a bunch of website issues, picking though every aspect for quality and function. Most of the time went to discerning the suggestions we will provide users when they create a new article. Categories and tags help users identify what the article is about, and we want this task made easy by providing suggestions. Having laid out all the parts on a spreadsheet, my task after dinner was to review for quality and fill in any missing pieces.

    My final task for the evening was writing a few articles for our blog. Oops… its after midnight. Gotta quit, I’ve a meeting with Sarah at nine, and Alex at 10:30. The work is practically non-stop around the clock.

  • Behaviorism


    We all know why people do what they do… altruism. People do good because it is a good thing to do.

    If only life were so simple.

    People do what they do for two reasons. a) Ego, the self-image, will benefit from doing it. b) It is the intelligent thing to do.  Usually there is a mix of these happening.

    With iAS website becoming popular, we want intelligence and altruism to be primary reasons for action, but first we deal with the ego. First we want to lead people in the right direction. Second, we want to help people into effective intelligence. Perhaps easier said than done. Good thing we have a genius plan called iAmSapien to make it happen.

    The self-image arises from instinct. Because fame has much to do with self-preservation and procreation, let’s put our best avatars on the home page, talk about them in a newsletter, and hold award presentations. Let’s appeal to the ego.

    Learning moves people into higher levels of being. Our people make an effort to learn of life and how interconnected and unlimited it is. iAS will assist people in this journey  making learning sociable. We will crowdsource articles to make learning easy. We’ll help people communicate and collaborate. This way, we enable people to move the world.

    The iAS website is very user friendly, but some people don’t care only if the web design is pretty or easy. They know what matters on this planet is people being responsible. They know how important it is that as sapient people our real lives are being intelligent and moved to right action. We are caring people. We know how life works, and we are here to make life better.

    This last group, the altruists, do they really exist? Maybe guided by a philosophy or theology, or perhaps they simply know that life works better as community, as democratic and intelligent. They know that life works better collaborating, that life works better being positive and proactive, that life works better constantly improving our ideas and applying ourselves to real life. “Activated” altruists do it sooner.

    Sooner happens with crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is fast and efficient to bring the best to the top. Crowdsourcing finds the support to bring action. Activated people know life is short. They get stuff done now and get it done right. Call this altruistic, or maybe just call it smart.

  • Connect the Dots (or in this case, boxes)

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    What to do with the boxes on iAmSapien? How are our boxes different from anything else?

    The key to success on iAS is you. Because, you want a place where your article is solid, where you can easily update your article and its links, where you can connect your article with friends or with another article half way around the world. Access is key. On iAS people are free to put up articles and video and improve them as desired. Make a name for yourself as a person of quality and connection.

    Consider each category of your life. Let’s say you have three main categories: family, work, and a hobby. So each of these would have an avatar. Family data will connect with family members, maybe your vacation plans or wedding arrangements. Your work avatar has this months big project and is connected with others on the project. Your hobby of fly fishing has an avatar with all your data about hidden locations with the best fishing. All your fishing buddies are connected.

    What about your special projects? Do you need a political avatar, a club avatar, a dietary avatar, a gardening avatar? Me personally, I have six web locations where I connect for collaboration. There are another six where collaboration would happen far more efficiently than if we were searching for emails. If all were on iAS, then management would be simple. Also leveraged. Our communications would be leveraged if we had public articles that everyone could connect with and then share on social media.

    This is all about regaining the connections we once had when towns and villages were small. Then, we knew what was going on, and we could collaborate. Somehow that connection got lost in our immense cities and modern life style. But we can regain that connection using stable, filtered, directed communications.

    On the web, most data is either locked or hidden away somewhere, or it scrolls past never to be seen again. You could arrange a presentation on your own computer, but maybe get in trouble for sharing. On iAS, upload whatever you want, share all you want.

    Connecting the dots on iAS is how you arrange a presentation for the world to see. It stays public so you can improve your presentation, and others can link with it to expand the possibilities. The great stuff will be on top, and then linked with everything below in support.

    Remember why you are doing this. You want to improve life. You know, we are all on the same boat, Earth. Making others happy is what makes you happy. On iAS we share positive, we share productive. That is how society works. That is why life works.


    All in the same boat, we make each other happy, healthy and wise.


    Beyond immediate needs of family, work and hobby, there is a greater need for meaning. This is the big picture on iAS. Connect the greater meaning and the greater intelligence around the world. Many people dedicate a large portion of their lives to doing something well. Naturally, you want to share this wisdom with our youth and with similar people for collaboration. You know that sharing empowers knowledge. Sharing with millions empowers exponentially.

    iAS gives special treatment to wisdom. Your wisdom fits into categories and tags, and is applied to a given audience. Now the right people can find the right knowledge. Further, your wisdom is evaluated at the start, and evaluated again as you improve the article. It moves up. As it gains attention and trust, more connections are made. Valuable input comes your way. Again your article is improved. Again it moves up.

    Special treatment doesn’t stop. All the knowledge in the world is nothing if it does nothing. This is where the collaboration pays off. The collaborators create a plan of action that is backed by hundreds of articles and followers. When the plan is optimized, it moves to Money matrix to be supported and implemented. You people are the ones to change the world.

    We make this whole process so user friendly and easy. Behind the slick design of the web pages is considerable complexity. Over 100,000 lines of code create the ease and the algorithms for presentation of your data. This is just the beginning, so hold onto your hats. As the site will improve so will your connections improve. Knowledge will improve. Education will improve. Life on our little boat will improve.

    I often wonder how the iAS project might have been different had it begun on a platform similar to our own. I would not have been alone. I would just ask the question on Global matrix, “How do we inform the world of better means to raise and educate our children?” Then myself, and a thousand other people, would write what is needed. Maybe in three months (instead of three years) we would understand to create a platform to crowdsource the wisdom of the planet. The various projects resulting would each be under a different avatar. After much of the work was completed by volunteers, the final project would be crowdfunded by the followers. We would be under budget and on line in 18 months, instead of after five years and large expense. That being said, iAS will be crowdsourced, and our development will go exponential. You, the people, will decide how this site develops.

  • You and Me, Connection is Key

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    If entropy is disconnection, then what is life?

    The burning of hydrogen in the sun connects with our planet. We have light and warmth. Epigenetics of each cell connect the outside world with the inner genetic world. We have adaptation. Technology connects human minds globally, instantly. We have… singing images of cats. We also have dedicated people presenting astounding education and opportunity. We have access to resources like never before. What is it that could push the opportunity for connected intelligence and in some way overwhelm our complacency and distraction?
    Just as the water in my faucet is connected with seasonal mountain storms, so is each of us connected with the human tendency toward entropy or toward life. The intention we adhere to is the life that we will get. The intention to connect intelligently is the storm that will bring the water of life.


    Hydrogen fusing in the sun is connected with the storm in the mountain is connected with genetics in cells adapting to changing conditions. These connections are our edge over entropy. As entropy tries to pull apart these connections, we must make new ones.

    As one business fails, another must arise to make the connections. As one resource is depleted, another is found to sustain the connections. As one person dies, another must have learned so to carry on the educated connections. What if we were a little better at restoring connections? If society worked more like a brain, then the harder we work the more and varied connections are created, and the more adaptable the person becomes. If society is better at restoring connections, if we had a technology to do so, then the global brain would be more adaptable to changing conditions.

    Dedication to the technology of intelligence, that is what determines quality of life. Biological technology, our hands, senses, organs, and every cell is dedicated to keeping the brain alive. Intelligence is survival, and survival is intelligence. Humans have an immense allotment of intelligence available to them. It is in our minds and also connected to our technology as well as to the environment. As humanity is dedicated to maintaining this intelligence so are we dedicated to sustaining life.

    We have schools. We have governments. We have business networks. We have thousands of social groups organized to provide for our communities, both to feed them and to guide them. So, why all the negativity on the news, on the web, in our homes, schools and churches? Where is all the positivity that goes with all our magnificence?

    People got distracted. With exponential growth we got caught up in all the excitement. Excitement replaced focus, awareness and responsibility. We had fun. Time to get back to work. So, how do we do that? We need a post. In old societies information was posted on the town post. This was the focus of the community. Everyone knew that through all the gossip, the important messages, the final message, would be placed on the central post for all to see. Everyone had to agree this message was the important one for society to recon with. With the social mind activated, all parts of society could then coordinate to get the job done.

    We are a much larger society. Still, we must focus on the town post. More than a school or a government or a business network, society requires a central location where all aspects of society connect for the general welfare. Today we have advanced beyond a wooden post. I remember fifty years ago when the television broadcasted infomercials instructing people not to litter, not to trash the roadways. After several years the littering slowed. Then laws were past, and warnings posted, to replace the infomercials. TV worked. But few people have access to post their message on the television.

    Today, anyone can post on the internet. We are flooded, inundated and overwhelmed with information. A flood is not the same thing as a post. The internet needs a post, both a local community post and a global post. People must once again arrive at a post where society has agreed to focus on the important information, and together intend to save society from entropy.

    iAS is poised to place a post in every community. Also, iAS wants the global community to focus on a global post. Upon visiting the post, each member of society should walk away with a sense of what is important, of what deserves action, and a sense of responsibility to see that it gets done.

    It never was the king or queen who made the kingdom great. It was us. It was we people focusing on the task at hand, then to take great pleasure to get the task done. There is great pleasure in the miracle of making connections and making life happen.


  • Revolutionize the technology revolution


  • Give People What They Want

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    The key to success is giving people what they want. This is old advice for business. Today the quip has taken a slight detour: people know what they need once it is shown to them. As Steve Jobs put it, “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” (Inc. Magazine 1 April 1989)

    We intend to show people the future. That future is one you create. People thought they wanted a president and leadership to show them a bright future. That is old business. The new business is we people getting off our duffs to announce our own plans for a bright future. People didn’t know this is what they wanted. But now they do.

    More than just a product. A sale should employ slick architecture and images. This is to be expected. More than this is having a personal outcome. The reason people stay with a product is because it changes lives. People want their lives to change. They want the world to change. We are telling people, “You want the world to change” because this is how we change our lives. The Beatles sang to us of revolution, not that change would come, but that change had arrived, and then they proceeded to change the world. iAS is here because now you can change lives.

    Nikola Tesla changed the world through technology. Socrates knew he could change the world by getting people to think differently, to think for themselves. What if these two ideas finally, after all these years, came together? Now iAS is telling people, “You want to change the world through high tech and by thinking for yourselves”. Yesterday you didn’t know this is what you wanted. Now you do.

    Yesterday you didn’t have the power. “The Swamp” as the president called it, is the “good ol’ boy” network woven so tightly that few thought thought they could break through and be heard. A million people marching with pink hats maybe created a wave in the fabric. Today you have the power. It is the power of all your voices as leveraged through the power of technology. People just wanted to know they actually have a say in the way things turn out. People want to be heard.

    Some people know they want intelligence. With all the rhetoric flying, people thought they wanted rhetoric. Nothing wrong with great oratory, we just want it with a dash of intelligence. But who’s intelligence do we listen to? Actually, people want it to be our intelligence, the kind of intelligence that says, “You know that we know”.  The Swamp needs to know that we know. The Swamp changes when the intelligence of the people is so powerful that it becomes the very fabric that holds society together. That fabric is what we call the matrix on iAS.

    The matrix… people want the matrix, the fabric on iAmSapien. The matrix is the fabric of the people, holding the knowledge of the people, and designed to move the people’s intelligence to action. Intelligence plus action. That is the power people want. That is the wisdom-in-action that people are looking for. Because the right actions change everything. The matrix is what empowers change by empowering people to be heard. Crowdsourcing your voices on the matrices amplifies your desires, and intelligence, exponentially. It is the voice of the people.

    iAmSapien is where the people force is magnified by high tech for a bright new tomorrow.