• Why Crowdsource?

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    To crowdsource is to have a potluck dinner while engaging the finest chefs.


    iAS sources you, the crowd, for ideas… lots of ideas. We source your skills of evaluation, asking you to apply star values to articles. Then the best will be first. Thirdly, we will crowdsource the entire platform, making it truly the people’s website. The end result: A mission that humanity will improve humanity and the whole world as well. The positive actions we take, even these will be crowdsourced.

    Did we begin with crowdsourcing as the basis for a website? No. Robert simply thought the best way to access the worlds intelligence was asking people to apply categories and values so we could find the best of anything. However, the concept of crowdsourcing may actually be magical.

    Sarah found these websites listed below. We suggest you visit and learn more about crowdsourcing.

    A.  https://bhc3.com/2014/03/04/why-crowdsourcing-works/
    1.  Crowdsourcing is a method of solving problems through the distributed contributions of multiple people. It’s used to address tough problems that happen everyday. Ideas for new opportunities. Ways to solve problems. Uncovering an existing approach that addresses your need.
    2.  Time and again, crowdsourcing has been used successfully to solve challenges. But…why does it work? What’s the magic? What gives it an advantage over talking with your pals at work, or doing some brainstorming on your own? In a word: diversity. Cognitive diversity. Specifically these two principles:
    • Diverse inputs drive superior solutions
    • Cognitive diversity requires spanning gaps in social networks
    These two principles work in tandem to deliver results.
    3.  As described by University of Michigan Professor Scott Page in The Difference, our cognitive toolkits consist of: different knowledge, perspectives and heuristics (problem-solving methods). Tapping into people’s cognitive toolkits brings fresh perspectives and novel approaches to solving a challenge. Indeed, a research study found that the probability of solving tough scientific challenges is three times higher if a person’s field of expertise is seven degrees outside the domain of the problem.
    4.  By crowdsourcing to solve problems, companies gain the following:
    Deeper reach into the cognitive assets of all employees
    Avoiding the strong ties trap of problem-solving
    Faster surfacing of the best insights
    Neutralize the biases that the super-connectors naturally have


    B.  http://www.hbs.edu/faculty/Publication%20Files/07-050.pdf#page=24
    They found that the farther away from an expertise the person was, the more correct their answer…they contributed it to seeing things with “fresh eyes”.


    C.  http://blog.fieldagent.net/how-crowdsourcing-works-in-5-fascinating-facts
    1.  “On the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, the audience’s accuracy rate outperformed that of the experts, 91% to 61%.”
    2.  For 9 straight years Doritos commercials have ranked in the top 5 of USA Today’s Ad Meter rankings for best Super Bowl commercial, ever since the chip-maker began crowdsourcing commercials with its Crash the Super Bowl advertising contest.
    3.  Since its launch in 2008, Starbucks has collected more than 216,000 ideas on its website mystarbucksidea.com, an online platform whereby customers share ideas on everything from beverages to ambiance, payment to social responsibility.
    4.  The Crowd is big…and it’s everywhere. In June 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook reported there were over 9 million registered app developers and 1.2 million iOS applications on his company’s App Store.
    5.  The Crowd can tackle a wide variety of tasks. In 2013 alone, the federal government crowdsourced over 85 prize competitions to find creative solutions to vexing governmental challenges, from improving astronaut gloves to blocking unsolicited “robocalls.”

  • The Why and the How


    I.  THE WHY

    The rapid change of society demands an information technology that is just as exponential.

    • Why join us…

    Because iAS is built for crowdsourcing rapid change intellectually and culturally.

    Because the flow of intelligence through community is the blood of civilization.

    Because you empathize with our purpose: Empower intelligence and intelligent action across age groups, professions, borders, and languages.


    Funds are needed to keep a five-year momentum going through this year.

    • Why join us…

    Because our business, World Wise People LLC is legal and functioning.

    Because the platform is currently useable, soon to be launched.


    A tight team has created quality using the latest Angular 2 software.

    • Why join us…

    Because creating beauty and ease for the user were top priority.

    Because our fast systems will crowdsource our global intelligence resources.

    Because user potential is maximized using unlimited avatars.

    Because though relative linking and social linking of info and people, intelligence will become the next thing, the “World Brain” that H.G. Wells spoke of.


    Based in current trusted technologies, but original in its leveraging, and creative in its user friendly presentation.

    • Why join us…

    Because we uniquely leverage industry (advertisers) by giving them avatars and user privileges.

    The site is designed to propagate globally via open source code and an open source platform,  such that the site itself is crowdsourced to the world for a fast evolution.


    Because now we have hope, as an empowered community, for dealing with local and global issues.

    • Why join us…

    As happened with the creation of the internet, the potential is in the design. The end product is intangible but immeasurable.

    iAmSapien is an effort directed at altering the course of society. The design of the platform will allow connections to be drawn so members can create collaboration and education. Everything is valuated by algorithm and by user votes. This puts the best information on top. Matrices, categories, filters and search provide the user with the information they want. Avatar links and special messaging will give users the people they want.


    II.  THE HOW

    The point is to connect the dots…

    • The internet enhanced data connection

    • Google made data available

    • Facebook made data social

    • Crowdfunding made data business

    • YouTube made video data filtered

    • Platforms made information crowdsourced



    • Nothing is asking data to be intelligent

    • Nothing is connecting data with social and global purpose

    • Nothing is linking intelligently all the data and people with an action

    • No one is crowdsourcing all of it all at once: crowdsourcing the local and global questions, the local and global answers, the best information, the presentation of the information, the linking of the information, the linking of people, the action called for by the data, support for the action, and even the function, propagation, and evolution of the website itself that is hosting all this crowdsourcing.


    Until now…

    iAmSapien is leveraging CROWDSOURCING to collect INTELLIGENCE so to make it CONNECTED and AVAILABLE as focused on PURPOSE that is FILTERED for SOCIAL interaction and for BUSINESS, and then LINKED so to become ACTION.

    No one makes all this look so simple and streamlined as on iAmSapien. It is truly a creative work.

    World Wise People, LLC needs 40K/month the last half of 2017 to fund operations relating to the debut of iAmSapien.com

    Call if you can help:   509-774-4064    Robert Swanson

  • Opportunity

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    Presenting: Opportunity   People want opportunity to excel, to be presented a challenge and find in themselves the ability to overcome. They want acknowledgement for what they did. There should be satisfaction that what was done has meaning. There should also be a sense that something inside the person changed, that some sort of growth or evolution took place. That others also grow from the experience is a plus. It is empathy with other’s fulfillment that fulfills our own need for a sense of completion and permanence. Mystical is the opportunity because that is the nature of the human relationship with the everything. This mystical adventure is everyday a step into the unknown, and the unknown keeps coming. Engaging this adventure, whole heartedly, restructures the brain to form bridges of thought into the unknown inside of us. Maybe that is the real opportunity.

    Back down to earth…   People want to be heard. They need a place to express themselves in more ways and with more meaning than just getting a thousand likes. To have purpose. To engage the love of life.

    Something to crow about   So, what do you want people to hear? Look deep into your heart. Is there a yearning you do not understand? Then tell people you need empathy and understanding. Look deep into your records. Are there lost files of inspiration you thought never would see the light of day? Then dust these off and give them a shiny new presentation on the Global matrix. Did a question grab you while perusing the Life matrix, and did you find the answer there? If not, then get started on your own brilliant answer. Do some research. Ask questions. Make new friends. The world is waiting for you to step out and begin the revolution.

    Never just an ad   You have a product that could change everything. You have an event that will explain everything. You have a service that can solve any crisis. So put that on a matrix.  This is not a sales pitch. This is saving the planet. People in business are on the front lines, leading the way to a new tomorrow. Theirs is a position of responsibility, of role models, of empowerment. The resources you allocate to improving sustainability, happiness, and every quality of being, are the gift you give to the planet. Exercise your responsibility with wisdom and imagination. In the final analysis, it will be the business network that gives us all a new tomorrow. You have our support.

  • What’s going to happen?

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    What is going to happen…   That depends on you. Created is a website that allows articles and video to be input with categories and tags. We provided a platform of purpose, of direction. Soon linking will connect everything. And much more is in store. It just keeps getting better. That is our commitment to you.

    What is your commitment?   We want you to upload great ideas, well-thought plans, and original research projects. We want you to engage your passion. Come up with better and better presentations. Tell the world how life works. Say how the future will be brilliant.

    What might the outcome be?   Will people be astonished that on the home page are presented the most astounding authors and articles, the best from around the world? Will people be so pleased because iAS is the location for positive news for positive change? Receiving other’s earth-changing articles and action plans from half way around the world, might people feel a closeness and a brotherhood? Can collaboration with people scattered across regions, across races, and across age groups redefine the meaning of friendship as we work together for meaningful change? In a test of synergy, do we discover in truth that millions of minds, working together, really do create a force for good greater than anyone expected? Can crowdsourcing focus that power to where it is needed most, where the hierarchy of needs is met now and over the next 100 years? Will people remember what it is like to live in trust, in cooperation, with faith that mental acuity will discover the answers? Is this website the place we discern the absolute best educational opportunities from around the world, and people are so happy learning that there begins an intelligence revolution? With discretion focused on the positive, will our common judgment increase to become a wave of wisdom sweeping the planet?

    We want wisdom to be a “thing”, a “happening”   Being a disciplined person in-the-know is a happy place to be in. Being someone who cares. Being someone who knows the right action to make right a problem. Honorable is the word we want people to use for those dedicated to actions that reform the planet. Change has been exponential the last hundred years as humanity took over the globe and its resources. It is a new mindset that will adjust to a new form of expansion over the next 100 years. That mindset happens within the thought processes on iAS. By the thousands, we want people to jump at the opportunity to engage a vision of success, of happiness, of empowerment.

    Maybe this was always the intention for humanity   That on a fragile planet there would arise intelligent humans who could eventually defend the planet against natural calamities such as a comet collision or solar event. What if it were our job to take care of our home? What if all that was needed for homo sapiens to accomplish this was a world wide web where everyone would collaborate? On the side, we may discover things about ourselves, such as, the nature of our psychological potential, that companionship enables a whole new form of social structure, or, that by working together life becomes so much easier, happier and practical that no one would even think of being selfishly motivated. We are talking about something so simple as a turn of consciousness.

    The work of being alive… This really is a lot of work. Life is so many challenges, so many opportunities. We want people to enjoy with maximum appreciation this mystery and adventure. Why? Simply because all this is what we have been given. And now we have given ourselves the internet and means to do so much more. Stepping into the journey requires not exceptional intelligence, for we all have that, but exceptional courage because most of us have been taught to doubt. iAS is the place we prove courage is what humanity is made of. Now is the time.

  • Principles for Business


    I found this video and thought, if I’d started out with a role model for conducting our business, then Steve Jobs would have been my role model. As is, these principles are largely what we went with: operate from values, work with passion, keep only the best, listen to the public, and don’t do it for money but rather to change the world.



  • Go for the Gold

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    At iAmSapien we are working hard to create a gold standard for social media.

    Piles of individuals and heaps of forgotten messages? Not on iAmSapien. People’s lives are important. People have something important to contribute. Your words are cause for thought and cause for action. Everyone has a role to play, whether creating the best input from all your learning and experience, or assessing quality to deliver an accurate vote, or connecting the best into an educational program. Even if a young learner, everyone has a function, maybe at local levels, or globally.

    The key is to make everything related. In reality, everything is connected. And in the mind, all neurons are related. There is a communication structure that sorts what goes to the subconscious, and what goes to the conscious mind. Additionally, there is a hierarchy of actionable ideas. At the top is breathing and having a heartbeat, followed by eating, warmth, family and friends, and finally, development of character. As we develop a societal mind, so will it too find a communication structure that sends ideas to our social consciousness, and it will create a hierarchy of actionable ideas.

    On iAS all ideas are considered by the mind of society. We are mindful of our purpose. The social mind will now crowdsource the right ideas for social consciousness, for survival, and for development of character. From these ideas the “Mind” will create a hierarchy of actionable ideas. Then anyone can form a team and move to action. In many ways our society is so close to a wisdom paradigm. Now all the pieces are coming together in the right order to make it happen.

    This social mind is powerful. Integrity and wisdom must be its finer qualities.
    Rules will help the Mind toward integrity and wisdom.
    1. It is important that society helps the individual toward the next quality of being. Each of us is changing, one way or another.
    2. It is important that the Mind is aware of what has happened in the past, and in the present, and looks to the future.
    3. The individual must find inner motivation and courage. This is self-discovery. It takes courage to have integrity and to evolve.
    4. Be amazed. Today is the grandest opportunity for humanity to define itself, ever. Look at the power we have through the internet, and through billions of minds. Now is the time that we make the greatest difference. We have already begun.

    We succeed as a social mind when we each observe, learn, and choose wisely.

    What is quality in social media?

    • Purpose
    Just stating a purpose begins the evolution. The purpose of the website is that humanity will appreciate its own purpose. Put simply, are we really here to express cowardice and laziness? Or, are we here to be challenged and to be fulfilled by the infinite possibilities laid right here at our doorstep? I, for one, appreciate both: what we have done with technology and also the miracle of an ecosystem and a solar system that allow us to be here. These things I marvel at daily. These things are here for us to grow in appreciation and to share in responsibility.

    • Organization
    Help fellow humans organize their thoughts and their studies while at the same time organize your own.

    • Crowdsourcing
    Present the best of ideas and learning programs and action plans. Just click on one of the five stars.

    • Connection
    Connect everyone’s thoughts. It is a little like a dating site. Match the minds that click. Then they will propagate realities that create a wonderful future. Connecting thoughts is the wisdom of the social mind. Where our society could once rely on the “deep social mind”, using eye contact to communicate, for our many years in small societies, now we rely on the broad social mind, and web connections, in our massive societies. This is not the end of speaking with our eyes, but this is the beginning of speaking through the five-star vote as we crowdsource the planet. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_social_mind)

    All of this represents cooperation. Darwin had it wrong. It is not competition that empowers life. Empowerment is the synergy that happens when people cooperate to dispel entropy. At iAmSapien, we use positive energy to evolve more happiness. (http://crev.info/2016/05/darwin-and-malthus-were-wrong/)

  • Definitively, iAmSapien

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    A new age? A revolution? It is upon us and already happening.
    “For the times they are a-changing” (Bob Dylan)

    The question is, will humanity flow with the changes using heart and mind? The answer is, “Yes!” All that people needed was a method to empower action. People, put your heads together and say what’s to come, for it all comes together on iAmSapien… the wisdom, the people,
    the action. Articles are matched. Avatars are matched. Categories put everything in place. Abc, then 123… all the best is on top having been given star ratings. Choose the best one for action and go!

    iAS is humanity’s race toward the future and a new age. Our combined smarts will define our job as still the dominant life form on the planet.

    Everyone, say what is success… at iAmSapien.

  • What is the “World Brain”?

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    World Brain    H.G. Wells used the term, “World Brain” to describe his desire that the world would have easy access to broad, organized information.  With Google and Wikipedia, the world now has access to broad, easy information. People have immediate access to all kinds of information, and it is increasing rapidly. However, can we say this information is organized? Can we say this information is being applied intelligently, and with purpose? Would you say all this data is advancing our social evolution toward sustainability, harmony and beauty? H.G. Wells wanted a system for orderly use of information, and implied that the human brain is a model for the world brain. (H.G. Well’s Idea of a World Brain: A Critical Reassessment, W. Boyd Rayward)

    Sorted and Valued   I make the case that a working “World Brain” will indeed mimic the human brain. Knowledge would not just be accessed, but also sorted and valuated. On one hand, a global computer would store the sum of knowledge, and then dump the data on anyone foolish enough to press the button. On the other hand, in the human brain, the primary function is to filter out most of the incoming data, freeing consciousness of clutter. The mind then applies emotion and reason to valuate the data that remains so that the person may triage and decide which idea to act upon. Ice cream or plant a garden? Watch television or attend a meeting? An orderly mind will often choose something more productive, and the less orderly mind will find a distraction.

    Purpose and Action   If we apply this biological formula to the world brain, then we will have order and productive outcomes. Volumes of data may be interesting but useless. The purpose of the world brain is to filter the vast incoming data so to provide us relevant information. Of the relevant data, people then apply values that place the pertinent items on top. Of the top items, triage decides which to act on first.

    iAS Flow   On iAmSapien, from the vast data offered by Google, Wikipedia, social media, and billions of individuals, members will crowdsource the pertinent items and move them to action. Let’s all use data to advance life on our planet.  On iAS, your input moves from the Global matrix as articles, to the Idea matrix as a plan, to the Money matrix where the plan finds support from thousands of members who have followed and voted up the articles.

    Near or Far   For thousands of years, society was tribes. Communication was close. Evaluations of survival were close. Actions of survival were close to the daily life of every individual. Today, all has changed. Communications are distant. Evaluations of survival are distant. Responsible action is distant. People feel disassociated, uninvolved, disempowered, and ineffectual. All their knowledge and experience feels meaningless. Our global community needs to acquire a global mind that makes life personal again.

    The Revival   iAS makes life personal again. Again tight groups will communicate. Again  survival will feel close. Responsible actions again are tightly woven into our social structure. All this because individuals will acknowledge the intelligence of the billions and take action.


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      The iAS site uses matrices. What are matrices? Defined, a matrix is a substance or fabric that holds items in place. The matrices on iAS address the question, “How to manage complex information? The answer is to organize information on a matrix. The matrix is how data is organized by values and by content. On the matrix, data is displayed as rectangles, or “boxes”, that show title and avatar and some buttons to get to the next step. Behind the scenes, our programming is assessing if you made an effort for quality so we can put you first in the New category. After that we let users apply values for presentation on the full matrix. Always, the user can update their article to get it pushed up. At the top of the matrix are the articles everyone voted as best. This is crowdsourcing.


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    Do people have purpose? Do you believe people want to wake up each morning with clear intentions and a better life?

    People want purpose. People want clear intentions every morning. And People want to empower a better life.

    It takes community. Everyone help others to build purpose and quality. Help others while building empowerment through mutual support. We all help bring clarity and quality to each other.

    There has been camaraderie in the United States ever since the writing of the constitution. Clear intentions set purpose to be a republic with democratic and federal means of government. We own land, practice beliefs, and have often been decent toward each other.

    The Constitution worked. For 200 years we have been carried by intentions that were written with a quill pen on parchment. Today we write with electrons on a cloud. What could this change mean today for remaking our intentions and our purpose for the coming 200 years?

    Much more than pen and parchment initiated two hundred years of evolution as a society. There was intelligence. Two hundred years ago a group of well-read individuals would guide us with their words. Then came news print and commentary. Then televised news and many slants on reality. Now anyone can broadcast an impression instantly to millions of people. There is potential for chaos. There is potential for progress. What if intention and purpose guided these people today? What if their words were organized and shared on behalf of wisdom?

    Today we have something called “crowdsourcing”. Millions can vote the best on the internet. Then the best appears at top. Crowdsource a town or crowdsource the planet, and then see a life planned out with purpose. This is what happens at iAmSapien.com. People again create with clarity as did occur with pen and parchment.