• Instinct


    Instinct is the higher intelligence. For billions of years an effort has continued toward a higher functional intelligence. First a base of elements was assembled, including sunlight, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. Then a vast organized system was developed to process this element base. This vast organized system was the single cell. Not only was this cell capable of processing elements, but had ability to reproduce itself, adapt to environments, and evolve into something different. So, the reproduced cells then organized as tissues, then as organs, then as mobility, then as social structure, and finally, as vast external structures that organize millions of people and alter the face of the planet. This all could happen because of a purely accidental ability to evolve. No; this could all happen because of an underlying system we have yet to discover. Pure instinct, operating from this underlying order got us to where we are today. Instinct is our conscious connection to a deeper intelligence that knows how life works.

    Where do we go from here? We have created a terrible stress as modern humans. This is the stress of necessarily following instinct to survive while at the same time trying to adapt to a technological superstructure that dominates our environment. This superstructure, which we created with only hundreds of years of intellectual intelligence, is nothing compared to the billion-year intelligence already permeating every molecule of our existence. The stress is very Darwinian; we will adapt to our new environment or we will die.

    This stress exist also in our minds as an inner conflict. We already know how to survive by instinct. One simply needs to dominate their patch of land and then have lots of sex. We know this absolutely. So when it comes to having advanced thought processes regarding principles, planning, morality and spirituality, the absolute nature of instinct creeps into higher thinking. We change our values to include domination and sex. It is still a matter of survival. So how does humanity solve the stress of instinct vs advanced thinking?

    Our culture is displeased with overt actions of sex and domination, yet we want them. To not act in behalf of principles, planning, morality and spirituality would require diminished intelligence. So to make domination and sex a big part of life, the option for diminished intelligence has become a popular choice. Intelligence is easily diminished through denial, alcohol, bad parenting, drug abuse, stimulus-response media, and by telling people, especially school kids, not to think for themselves, to sit down and shut up. Now, with higher thought subjugated, we can proceed with sex and domination, and at terrible risk to higher evolved thought processes.

    What was just said may be unbelievable or daunting. It is because individually and as a society we developed an ego to solve the conflict for us. The ego is what allows us denial to act as separated individuals who then predetermine what is right with little thought for higher principles and the connections we share with everyone and everything in our environment. This is not a good survival choice. But there it is. Out of impatience, confusion and fear another mind is created to do the thinking for us and decide impulsively. We know it does a poor job managing life as sex and domination, so now we are constructing artificial intelligence to do the thinking for us. Thinking is hard. Thinking takes time. Thinking causes one to realize how humble is our condition. Thinking is contrary to survival as power, as sexual drive and as immediate gratification. So we must create an artificial thinking machine to determine our next adaptation and evolution, while we, as impulsive animals, go on fornicating and lording over anyone and anything we can.

    It’s not going to work people. Instinct is still the higher intelligence. Instinct is what drives us to be happy, and there is no real happiness where our evolved intelligence has been relegated to mad sex and pissy behavior. This is the central conflict of humanity. Certainly, sex and power have their place. It is a big world. But the fine mind that instinct has brought forth was intended to find happiness as an adapted and evolving existence. We know this is so simply because this is the direction in which things have been going for a billion years or so. Though ego can come up with a million stupid directions to proceed in, the truth is ego mind will fail because it fails to adapt to, and evolve, with the intelligence all around us. To get to happiness, we will have to find the humility to reach beyond ego, and find connections to reach beyond instinct.

    What I am saying is, it is humility, and taking time to think for oneself, are what will open humanity to the fact of connected intelligence, the intelligence that is connection with all people, life, and elements around us. Opening to the wisdom of connection will be our next adaptation. Connection is smarter, and smarter is survival.

  • Operational Intelligence

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    Operational Intelligence is the Real Intelligence of Humanity


    Operational Intelligence is a category of real-time dynamic, business analytics that delivers visibility and insight into data, streaming events and business operations. OI solutions run queries against streaming data feeds and event data to deliver analytic results as operational instructions. OI provides organizations the ability to make decisions and immediately act on these analytic insights, through manual or automated actions.

    Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operational_intelligence



    Operational Intelligence is real-time dynamic analytics delivering visibility and insight into data while streaming personal and business operations. OI solutions run queries against streaming data feeds and event data to deliver analytic results as operational instructions. OI provides humanity the ability to make decisions and immediately act on these analytic insights, through manual or automated actions.


    On iAmSapien, humanity will assess the biggest needs and the best solutions, write the best solutions into a plan, and move the best plan to action… ASAP.



    Inside a person, intelligence exist only as imagination. And there it will die. To be activated, there must exist transmission to at least one other person’s imagination. This transmission can be material or thought. Once transmitted, the intelligence again will exist only as imagination in the giver and the receiver. Even as a material transmission, its value will exist only in the mind of the receiver. And there it dies. So, what we are looking for is to empower the transmission of intelligence such that imagination is not an end point but a jumping off point.

    Creative sharing that manifests an ongoing evolution of imagination is the real meaning of Operational Intelligence.

    The means of Operational Intelligence is not new. For thousands of years humanity used a system to activate imagination as intelligence. The system that humans built is, simply, small groups. These were small groups of people that could fit around a fire. Today they sit around tables or monitors where they still exchange ideas, teach skills, and formulate plans. Empowered by the synergy of cooperation people go to work doing positive actions. We know this is true in the past because groups that failed to communicate, or groups that valued argument over debate, failed to perform as well as the groups who were positive and proactive. The groups using operational intelligence knew when the seasons would change, they knew when the animal migrations occurred, and they learned the skills of technology including flint knives, weaving, the wheel, the plow and moveable type. Positivity, cooperation and intelligence won out. Imagination got activated. Society happened. And we accurately named ourselves Homo sapiens sapiens, the wise people.

    Empowered intelligence is the essence of our evolution as a species. Once we learned to communicate we could then assign responsibility for building each part of society. We went to work building tribes and towns. Then we assigned responsibility to government. We went to work modifying consciousness through education and various technologies, especially media. Then we assigned responsibility to corporations. Tomorrow brings us to another change.

    In the new tomorrow, we go to work applying artificial intelligence to every aspect of society. AI will

    even relay instructions to humans by way of augmented reality and virtual reality. With finality, we will give responsibility over to AI. A future of AI? Do we really want a future without responsibility? As responsibility leaves the individual, also will go an ancient need to move imagination into real life empowered by your fellow humans.

    What defines us as humanity is the transformation of imagination through empowered groups of people.

    There is an option… we can run parallel AI and OI. We can use the internet, an advanced form of campfires, to connect people in groups. We will connect people in behalf of what they decide is meaningful. We will put to action the evolution that begins as imagination.

    iAmSapien, the website of positive proactive (and responsible) people.

  • Carte Blanche

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    Born on planet earth, the prerogative is carte blanche. In this case, what you see is what you get. With absolute authority, the world presented to the child is exactly what the child is to accept. However, this “reality” is hardly the truth.

    A house is a house. A job is a job. A family is a family. A government is a government. And on and on. There is great benefit to having life pre-defined and served on a plate. This saves so many calories trying to figure out what life is.

    However, we are getting fat. We really need to burn those calories. The old definitions are getting older by the second. Let’s burn some thought calories and rewrite what are the prerogatives of life. Let’s decide again what has meaning, what has utility, and what brings happiness.

    Life is an exercise in neurology. The baby’s brain is designed to be an open book at birth and for the early years. They take in carte blanche what is the nature of life. There is so much to learn, and this is the fast way to learn everything about everything. All is taken in without exception as truth.

    Was there any truth to it? Did your parents give a second thought to how they were designing life in your behalf? I don’t believe many do. Now, what will you do for your children and for the world? Will you give anything in life a second thought? And, if you do, what will you do with the thought? How is a new idea about life made into a contagion and spread to schools and families and governments? Who has the calories to carry out such a feet?

    Fortunately, there is leveraging. We can apply the principle of leveraging to evolving new ideas about life. With leveraging we can decide again the best ways to run our schools and cities, governments and economies, philosophies and religions. Life is not cart blanche from childhood. Adults can reimagine a quality life.

    How to do so was a struggle in the past, and still a struggle today. Yet revolutions happen. The Reformation did it with the printing press. The Beatles did it with vinyl. Today, activated people do it with silicon.

    Many factors go into a revolution. A revolution often has a face, a medium, a message, and an audience ready for something new. As an act of faith, I presume an audience exist willing to burn some brain calories in behalf of an evolved life. The other factors are less a matter of faith. The face of the revolution will be yours. On the iAmSapien website, the face of the best leadership is on the homepage. The message will be yours. The collaboration you create on iAmSapien will leverage a message that appears on the home page. The medium of silicon is already in your computers and phones. That is what gets you to the iAmSapien website. There it is the power of crowdsourcing that will leverage the will of humanity as a revolution. The people will now say what life is, what it means, and how to be happy.


  • I Know the Future

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    I do know the future. It has been told. The future is artificial intelligence. The future is augmented reality. The future (already here) is Big Brother, as George Orwell predicted, and as the World Brain that HG Wells predicted. The future is vast information from the World Brain reassembled by Big Brother using AI to create an “education” delivered via augmented reality.

    This crazy sci-fi reality is largely already here. As crazy as it sounds, we love it. We love being told what to think. We love being told what to do. We love that life can be so easy. Big Brother is always there managing our food supply, our fuel supply, our infrastructure, our biosphere. The work of consciousness is over. Awareness is an artifact. Intelligence is for machines. The wisdom to do the right thing is out of our hands and we have never been so happy.

    The past is untenable. History has a lesson but we wouldn’t know how to listen even if we cared to listen. Still, there is something some people might learn from thousands of years of human history.

    What can be said about the many thousands of years of humanity? Before computers, television and automobiles. Before factories and compulsory education. What was in people, or in their technology, that was the thing that gave them the potential to create cell phones and rocket ships to the moon? They weren’t so different from us, you know. The genetics were almost exactly the same. The brain size was very similar. They walked. They communicated. They slept and ate. They were dependent, as we are, on each other.

    Wait, back up. Back then people were dependent on each other, and they knew they were dependent on each other. Today, not so much. How many mornings does a person wake up feeling immense gratitude that while we slept there was an oil baron who made certain that millions of barrels of oil journeyed across oceans and to your town so you could have your morning coffee and toast? For thousands of years we were not so oblivious. People new exactly where the animal migration would happen and who would bring home the kill. Watchers kept an eye on the sky so they knew when the seasons were about to change. Everyone counted on these people to say when to make the migration to warmer territory. Even after people settled down, the watchers said when to plant and when to store up for winter. With the county library yet ten thousand years in the future, knowledge was presented by mouth and by example. This life of humanity was fundamentally 180 degrees different from today.

    I know something about the past. Look carefully and you will feel it too. Yes, it is not an objective criteria but a feeling. Yet it is most essential, and changes everything. It is a step beyond the intellect of knowing data, and even beyond a person’s ability to reason. This obscure thing is what gave humanity its potential. This thing gave us cell phones and airplanes and a dream of going to Mars. This thing is… connection.

    You were there ten thousand and a hundred thousand years ago. Well, most of us anyway. I suspect most people have had the opportunity, if some years ago, to join with friends around a fire. That thing was in us then, and still is in us now. Remember that moment of friendship and fire and remember what it was like for millennia of humanity. It is time slowed down. It is hearing the crackling of the fire. The wafting of the cool night air mixed with the aroma of wood smoke. The warmth of the fire mixed with warmth from the hearts of the people across the way. You were in agreement. This was a moment of trust. It was your moment to speak and be heard. Memories formed easily, bonds were formed, in this exchange that is somehow sacred. It is ancient.

    So, cook some food, tell some tales, sing your songs, and share the smiles. Feel the warmth of the fire. Then remember in old times how this was the when the elders spoke their wisdom and everyone listened. The children learned which herbs. The teens learned how to approach the wild game, and they learned a new weave for basket making. They were told the fish would begin running next week. It was explained that the grain must be collected in the next month. They were told to patch garments and repair housing in preparation for winter. In this way, education, awareness, and the wisdom to act in the right time were not optional. Being watchful, having integrity, and being responsible were matters of life and death. Only the tribes that practiced intelligence survived millennia to eventually enjoy Facebook and iTunes. The intelligence I am taking about has little to do with an individual knowing anything. Rather it is the commitment they experienced sitting around the fire. It is the love and trust they shared in the glow. The tribe had something we have lost. They had each other. In the connection was the learning. In the connection was the drive to stay alert, watchful to everything about life. They created a tradition, an enculturation of mindfulness. They knew it was by mindfulness that they survived. However, they performed learning and research and organization because of the intimacy incurred around the fire. The inner unseen drive was their love.


    Connection from love begets a different sort of intelligence. It is the power of synergy. It is mathematics. Just as one neuron with many dendrites allows seemingly infinite learning and organization in the mind, so does the connection of one person to many, in a functional committed support, allow seemingly infinite organization and action expanding throughout an environment. The order of the many is the next manifestation of intelligence. We certainly are not required to manifest this intelligence from love. That being so, let’s look at the options.

    The future option is one we have already chosen. We chose to put knowledge into machines. Then we gave away the button that operates the machine. Big Brother has his finger on the button. You can say whatever you like about who is Big Brother and if he is evil or saint, but the fact is he comes from us. It was our decision to turn from the circle around the fire, leaving the fate of humanity in the hands of whomever is motivated to pick up the chalice.

    Intelligence is democracy. Democracy is caring enough to know enough, reason enough, and do enough to cause society to function well enough to survive the next ten thousand years. There is no such thing as stupid democracy. We are either all in or all out.  In, as in “intelligent”, or out, as in “out of our minds”. One path is synergy. The other path is chaos. In chaos, our only prayer is that some autocrat will manipulate us into something orderly, or some despot will force order at any cost. There are few options for leaders who are in charge of a rat race. At best they can follow the example of the rats who are in it only for themselves, expecting to get what they have coming, and without being causative or supportive. The nature of the tribe, and of our foundations in intelligence, is lost to our modern societies of millions of individuals. So, what to do?

    Restore democracy. We are not restoring some political agenda. We are restoring intelligence as synergy. We are restoring the warmth, the connection, and the intention that brought forth civilization in a process over thousands of years. It is more than a proven process*. It is the fundamental nature of what makes up Homo sapiens sapiens. It is who we are to connect as like-minded individuals into tribes. The tribe is its people, driven by a caring attitude to be with the people we trust to share information and plan for the future. We in the tribe care enough to do our part to support the activities that bring survival. Together we create the intentions, and support the activities, that recreate life as empowerment, as wisdom. This is not about knowing something, but about the love of life and loving connection, making a difference because the whole is much greater than the sum.

    I don’t know the future. But iAmSapien is the potential to begin restoring our tribal nature to synergistic wisdom. It is the opportunity to connect with people you trust so to connect as an intention so to become aware. We are all learners and teachers. In the sharing is the potential of a future for humanity. It is a great adventure. We can’t see what’s coming. We can but trust that what made us homo sapiens sapiens over millennia will steer us back on course from our side trip into selfishness.


    *Apart from the offspring of a small number of rare interbreeding events, though, the Neanderthals did die out. Their brains might have been just as big as ours, but ours might have been better at a few key tasks–those involved in building social bonds in particular—allowing us to survive the most recent glacial period while the Neanderthals expired.

    Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/science-shows-why-youre-smarter-than-a-neanderthal-1885827/#vXpAr6KkRohxOtzs.99

  • Yesterday

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    Yesterday, those were the good ol’ days. Them’s were times when people had duty, they had integrity, and they were conscientious. Well, not really. Or, maybe to an extent. But it is fun to look back and find some little thing that seemed right, something that we can cherish.

    Looking back, I cherish the thought of people showing up to work on time, determined to get the job done, and willing to put forth their best effort. They learned. People figured out how to do something well, and then they learned even more. There was a sense of pride. In my own first job, it was a bunch of kids packaging and delivering ice. Cubed ice, crushed ice, block ice. It was a meaningless job, except that we poured ourselves into the work, challenging each other to go faster, work harder. Being on break, exhausted, the feeling of being tired was both the pain and the reward for a commitment to the job and to self.

    Why? What was the culture of the time that made performance a reward unto itself? Today I see a split. There are a few who see personal responsibility as a challenge with inherent rewards, and there are many who see no responsibility, just a challenge without promise and no hope. They live for today and live for some unseen ulterior motive. Why? What is the difference?



    Culture. Culture changed. Culture is how we weave a different fabric of society by connecting each of us together using different colors and a variety of patterns. There are many possibilities. What seems constant, is that humanity survives by creating some form of social structure. The structure we make as people is also what creates the materials and systems by which we survive. Culture is our means of survival. The patterns in the fabric are the agreements we make for means of survival. Asking why, why is the culture one way or another, is to ask why are people connecting in a particular manner for their survival.

    Things have changed. To us who grew up in a culture that was responsible to work, to machines, to progress, to us any change in culture away from this does not make sense. Why would youth turn to gangs and video games and texting as means to survival? Are they crazy? As I learned in behaviorism, labels are applied according to results, not according to expectations. So, youth are only crazy if they end up dead as a result of their choice for culture. But what if they are right? What if they survive?

    If youth are correct in their reevaluation of culture, then there probably will be considerable change in the way things work. Gangs will be the new communities. Texting will be the new communication. Any higher authority will be ignored except if there is a hand-out. Fate is not something in their hands, but simply what happens in the next ten seconds. Crazy thoughts or feelings are not something to be addressed through story telling, books, counseling, meditation and prayer, but rather are the driving force to meet a fundamental need for drugs and alcohol.

    Nothing has changed… inside. Inside people have always wanted ease, escape from pain, avoidance of confusion. However, is it just my impression, or is there a lack of cohesion? Are we are lacking the sort of togetherness that built our roads and railways, that built a global financial network, that took us to the moon? Are we now an “everyone for himself” society? Probably this is a passing fancy. Like the hippies. The flower children had their drugs and sex and alternative culture, and then grew up to be doctors, bankers and lawyers. And then they had families.

    Oops. Maybe that is the real issue. It is we people who had the families. We were still doing drugs and alcohol while raising kids. What should have existed as role modeling to show our children the fabric of society, instead the kids watched television.  I was one of them. And I became a very strange kid who sought out story telling, books, counseling, meditation and prayer. Because something was wrong. I had no sense of presence in the fabric of society. I knew myself merely as a loose thread. Very difficult it is to place myself in  the fabric of society while set apart from the activities that should have demonstrated  cohesive interaction and an upward evolution. If there is a big “oops” in our culture, it is that the generation who raised the hippies failed to role model the fabric of culture. The unraveling began. With each passing generation we appreciate less and less our responsibility to teach our youth, modeling the fabric of society in our own homes. Bad parenting begets even worse parents for the next generation. This disease of parenting is okay however. Our culture declared it okay. More than that, our culture declared this activity sanctified. No one may interfere with the way I choose to parent my children! It is my right. However, in the good ol’ days, behaviorism was enforced. You were a good parent if your children turned out to be responsible, hard working, and intelligent. Not today. Every parent I talk to is vehement that their children all turned out different, and it was all out of their control. In other words, ignorance is bliss.

    To refrain, youth could be correct. The culture needs a new fabric. We need a standard across society where it is good to eat bad food, it is expected that health will deteriorate, that drugs will pacify the resulting pain and anxiety. As the middle class disappears, as resources dry up, as beauty vanishes from the face of the earth, we are going to need a race of people with low expectations and low intelligence. They will be passive spectators, irresponsible, watching the demise of civilization. After all is said and done, we will label this generation as courageous and compassionate for having the where-with-all to endure the de-evolution of society. But they survived. The few who scratched out an existence, and with no social fabric to depend on, were well situated to create a new fabric for a new era. Coming from nothing, these idiots will be the ones to create the new working order of human civilization.


    If that is plan A, then I’m really hoping there is a plan B. What for me gives meaning to our existence is when I look back at yesterday to see great minds and great artists weaving their genius into the fabric. The fabric evolves. Not only do we survive, but our wisdom evolves. The result, again and again, is arriving at a place where we can look back in appreciation, and see where the creative genius of the few was role modeled for the creativity of the many. And society evolved.

    In summary, our evolution as a species is not a given. Parents and the culture really do hold responsibility. Genius is a label we may apply to ourselves only if our children evolve to recreate society as more functional, more beautiful and more intelligent in an ever brighter future.

  • Love, It’s Not What You Think

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    Maybe love is what you are going to think. But, let’s think about this.

    What if science has it all wrong. What if society has run on assumptions that don’t fit the bill. What if love is an important integrated function, much as a spark plug is to an engine. What I am saying is that love is more than just a feeling. Love is more than sexual attraction, and more than the bonding at birth between mother and child. Love is more than a primitive reaction to oxytocin causing a person to rather ignorantly enjoy another person.

    Why? What is going on that might indicate there is anything more to love than a stupid feeling? Time. Time allows for cause and effect. A small change here and there, and then link these changes together, and eventually a whole new world may eventuate. A drip in the dyke. If we don’t work to stop the inevitable, then something dramatic is going to happen. A little love here and there, and wait a bit, and then the whole dam gives way. Suddenly life is all about tremendous social change.

    Think about it. A person is approaching maturity. Their brain is approaching states of highest function. Hormones are rampant. Do these things coincide just to wreck havoc in the prime of one’s life? Yet nature has an order. When we find this order we also renew our respect for the grand design of life. Love is part of this grand design, a spark that turns the engine of life.

    Time is the turning of the engine of life and of life’s connection with everything. Energy of the sun mixes with energy of the earth’s core which mixes with the chemical energy in our bodies. The clock turns. Neurons develop. The exterior world becomes the interior world as patterns and flows of biochemical energy. This brain energy stimulates glandular energy to produce hormones. Hormones rush to the brain of this wonderful person with the sole purpose of causing horrible chaos!

    Not. Throughout a person’s upbringing they were being socialized. Patterns of behavior were being reinforced so to instill culture and morals and various standards. These standards are really just meaningless limitations. One must walk, not dance on down the sidewalk. A necktie must not be worn as a bandana. Adults will not engage in child games. Albert Einstein was told over and over he must not change the rules of physics. However, to the benefit of all, hormones do reach the brain. We forget for a while that things have to be a certain way because we were told things have to be a certain way. The engine of life is this way because the engine of life must evolve.

    Think about it. Remember falling in love? Recall the fireworks exploding in your brain, and higher and higher in the sky of your thoughts. A grand opening. The glorious opportunity. A sense of fulfillment being at hand. A state of gratitude replacing limitation and fear. Life became possibility. The possibility as physicality so vibrant, a mind so open, and an environment so ripe for the picking. A long courtship is the revving of the engine of life. Such power. Feel the power of life. Feel the certainty that one is here to move, to move… together.

    Together the energy moves from sun and earth, from bio and electric energy, and from person to person. But there is something I left out. I failed to mention that each of these energies isn’t just energy, but frequency, patterns, vibration. These energies interact and then chemicals and electricity react, and then react again with the cell membrane and DNA. This is all about information. This life, this universe, is all about intelligence as information over time that creates more and more life. Love drives people together to reconnect information and recreate life. A new thought is born. A new child is born. Life evolves.

    Love for the child carries on the mission of love as the whole community opens their empathy and their thoughts so to teach the child. Love is not fulfilled because you feel good, but that you fulfill the engine of life. The engine is a flow of information. Open yourself to the amazing connection with another and be fulfilled in the opening to new thought. This is so similar to the grand finale of giving birth. Two minds come together in an open state to evolve a new life. Every moment of passion can be a step away from enculturation and toward a new societal intelligence. Social uprising, revolution, war and destruction, that is what love is all about. But it all happens positive, it all happens in love.

    Our current cultural norms, where we pick an argument and pick up arms, this certainly is one way to achieve variance in social direction. Over time, however, it is rather like the Borg in Star Trek. Everything gets assimilated as just one culture, as the more dominate culture. Over time we loose our variety. The engine looses its options and begins running in a singular direction. That is the danger. Being singular is vulnerable. Variety is life. The life engine is individuals who fall in love so to rewrite culture again and again over time, and in a million different directions. In all this tension, positive people work together to find tensegrity. The engine works like this because positivity is the fuel. Possibility is the fuel. Imagination is the fuel. Love is the spark to put these in motion. People, we are here to think, we are here to think bigger. It all happens when that final connection is made from my mind to your mind and to the mind of the child. So don’t go looking for some guru to awaken you, for the process is already part of life. You just use love to forget the fear of love. Love is safe. Love is good. Love is the long time destination of the engine that is the universe.

  • Restoring Civilization

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    Any number of disasters could hit any section of civilization. Is it weather, drought, war, volcano, flood, economic stress, disease, pollution, or maybe an influx of refugees? Whatever hits, suddenly we are in a panic to organize people and resources. ASAP we need alternatives presented, communications, lists, organizers, governments, transportation, volunteers, donations and shelters. Everyone pitches in to add their bit of organized response. What they all agree on is that help is needed, and no one can do it alone. What they may disagree on are the best methods to get the job done efficiently. Who knows all the facts? Who decides?

    What are best methods and best efficiency? Usually people figure this out by looking at spreadsheets. So, if you have those spreadsheets handy in an emergency, then by all means, look at them. If you don’t, then we will have to deal with information as it comes in, on the fly.

    On the fly, how do we organize the efforts of thousands of people and direct tons of supplies? We leave all this figuring to the local government and to the military and others trained to act in emergencies. We leave all this to the professionals, except that often, and for most of the planet, we notice their response covers only a percentage of what is needed for a functional, and beautiful, world.

    To create function on the fly, and to benefit a high percentage, we need to use a very simple principle, “Many hands make light work”. Now, put them to work doing what? To know this they need information that is prioritized and pertinent to each aspect of our response. This information needs continuous updates as fast as possible. Where internet is available, this is the way to go, getting the data to everyone and right now. And if a disaster victim has no internet, maybe their family, volunteers and emergency personnel still do have internet.

    One answer to responding to disaster is to organize the needs and responses on iAmSapien.com.  In the Triage Matrix is the title of the disaster. In the Question Matrices are the large headings: Government, Organizers, Volunteers, Resources, Victims, Communications, Transportation, Shelters, Donations. In the Answer Matrix present your specific response to any question/heading. Tag your response with the specific location. Categorize your response with a type of resource. Say the type of your response using one of the question headings. With responses in place, then simply vote up the best response. We are crowdsourcing the best resources as well as the best means to implement those resources. Add a comment, or link to your own contribution. Return in eight hours to again vote on the best, and to update your response. However, if you are too busy to return for an update, it is probably because iAS directed you to where you were needed most.

    With immediate needs being taken care of, efforts go to long term care. The people who will give more of their time will connect into groups on iAmSapien. They will form a strategy on the Idea Matrix. They will get a little support from each of you on the Activate Matrix. In this way many hands make light work. The world gains a bit of beauty. Beautiful is your compassion, your intelligence, made active on iAmSapien.

  • Two Sides of the Same Coin

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    Of all the people on the earth, and I make no claim to know any figures, but of all the people on the earth, how many say things are going well enough, and if some major event occurs, it is a pretty sure bet we will recover? On the other side, how many say things are getting dire, and some major event is bound to occur, one we may not recover from for a very long time? However, is this question even pertinent? Perhaps that is the question we should take a poll on.

    If we are going to have a poll maybe we should be asking the right questions. Fundamentally, what should we be asking? The question above implies asking if we value status quo. It asks if a general opinion is sufficient in determining the course of humanity. Implied is that we intend to do not much of anything, but wait and see, and that asking people’s opinion was enough of acting responsibly. Perhaps the real question being asked here is, given that we live in a lazy culture, given the uncertainty of the future, is it okay that we continue in a stupor, unresponsive and irresponsible? I fear to ask this question believing the answer likely to be, yes.

    On one side of the coin, people are lazy and merely believe that the more their side wins the better life will be. On the other side of the coin, people are lazy, and choose to believe there is not much that can be done because our vulnerabilities outweigh our strengths. Certainly, though, the people must exist who are ready to do the work of responsible knowledge and responsible action. Not everyone has chosen to be lazy, self-centered, cowardice, and stupid. Is there another coin to toss? Is there another question to be asked?

    Of the people willing to study an issue, weigh the options, find courage to choose reality, and take action using their own resources, of this group of people, what question divides the group into the A side and the B side? What is fundamental and most pertinent to ask about their motives that will or will not drive another evolution of our society, maybe one greater than the last two hundred years? What is the right question to ask of intelligent, courageous and altruistic people?

    The right question is to ask, “What is it that empowers you as being the world’s 21st century evolution?” Of all
    the foolish things they could cross off their list of answers, the first might be to complain. When someone whines, someone else wants to grease their squeaky wheel. Someone wants to shoot the messenger. All this ruckus is just that. They offer no effective solutions for success. The action of complaining even once should be our definition of stupidity. The intelligent person will say what works, and then revise their statement to say what works even better. So, our question for smart people is, “How are you empowered to take step by step changes toward a new tomorrow?


    The answer to empowerment may come down on two sides. On one side, people know that the current connections that run the planet (you say what you think these are) that these webs of influence are key to evolving our future. Their power is already in place. Their resources are already in place. Their strategy is already in place. Their intelligence networks are already in place and resolve any issues that occur. Their time and effort are all that stand in the way of our society evolving to its next way of being. Personal support of these powerful influences exist simply as individuals doing the best they can to survive. We trust the process. We have faith in an outcome that is meaningful. This is one side of the coin.

    On the other side of the coin, these people are largely in agreement with the above. Yes, the powers that be are definitely powerful. They are using extent resources to secure the future evolution. The timeline they created is already in place. Arguing against their intelligent and heavily supported plan would have no quality effect. But here is the difference. The resources of the powerful are not at all in place. The number one resource at hand has barely been addressed. The effect on plans for the new tomorrow is dire. To empower our tomorrow this massive resource will have to be refined and implemented. That resource is us. The answer to empowering smart people, and empowering the next tomorrow, is to resource the people.

    Side B of the coin has this different outlook. Although the powers that be are just that, in the final analysis they come from us. They depend on us. Our babies are their future community. Our abilities to sweep the floor, to construct sky scrapers, and to build a new power grid are what keep them alive. Our ability to manifest the highest intelligence that will fill up Google and Wikipedia, this ability is also their ability. We educate their families. We create the culture so that enculturation may create their life style and train of thought. This last point is the important one. Who the people are is the culture as a whole. The person who is a slave owner cannot stop being a slave owner while he still owns slaves. A parent who spends each day not teaching their child cannot stop being a person who abuses children. The leaders of a world who do not lead the world to a better future cannot stop being poor leaders. On this side of the coin, smart people acknowledge we are all in this together. Empowering everyone as smart and courageous is the way to a new tomorrow.

    “Ridiculous! You can’t tell people anything. All they want to do is complain and then go have another beer.” Often true. But don’t give up so easily. A handful of intelligent people have already created important evolutions in humanity. They gave us our ideas of philosophy, of religion, of science, of government, of rights, of legality, and the documents that guide nations for hundreds of years. A few intelligent people gave us smart phones and internet knowledge, and so revolutionized society overnight. The question yet on the table is how do intelligent people, even a few of them, recognize empowerment for the next revolution, the one where large masses of individuals decide they too can do the work of responsible and knowledgeable people.

    The answer presented here is to say there is something no one has seen before. When lasers first were invented, and when the first smart phone was produced, people had not seen these before and so could not immediately see the utility of such a device. It takes time for new technology to assimilate into society. After a while society can’t see how we could function without the new technology. We must have our computers. We must have phones. We must have wheeled transportation. There is one more thing society must have, something they cannot yet see.

    The something that society must realize, something that is a key feature of their new tomorrow, is already here. It already exists in its parts. These are things we all know about. These are things many already use daily. Just as Steve Jobs invented few of the elements that went into his smart phone, but he invented a method of incorporating various items together, and in line with human behavior. So is the solution to empowering tomorrow a matter of putting together elements into a package that consumers manage with ease. Eventually they find the utility, integrate it, and soon cannot live without the new device.

    Our new device has things you may be familiar with.  1) Crowdsourcing is a way of engaging many people to do the things they have interest in or care most about. Impossible outcomes become possible when many people give a small effort.  2) Hierarchical order. We all enjoy an easy and logical presentation. A top-down order makes life easy. Ability to search and to filter the top-down order makes it even easier.  3) Personal content. People find meaning in sharing what defines their values. They need a place to present their finest. They want their presentation organized. They want the presentation to have a lasting effect.  4) Connection. It is all over the web. A key feature is how one item connects with another or with the many. Whether it is friends, coworkers, sales, trades, groups or information, all these take on a new life when meaningful connections form between what is similar or what is helpful. There is one more part to our device, one deserving special appreciation.

    5) Meaning. This one may be the hardest to visualize, yet the most important. It will take time for people to realize that they can create meaning. We are moving meaning from on its static shelf and placing it in the creative intelligence of the populace. Meaning is flexible when minds associate in a manner that is flexible. All elements of our device target this flexibility. It is a beautiful thing when minds come together to create. That they can express an ability to create meaning is itself an exciting revelation. This is something new that people will assimilate as their new tomorrow. Even advertisers will employ meaning into their strategy, their connections, and their presentation. Assimilated, people won’t know how we managed to make society work without the ability to create meaning as a society.

    These five elements, crowdsourcing, hierarchical order, personal content, connection and meaning, these five devices are incorporated into one device, iAmSapien. There, the crowdsourcing augments the hierarchical order. The connections help create the personal content, content that keeps improving. As content improves and is connected, crowdsourcing recreates the order into a hierarchy of new content and new meaning. In this way our society’s statement as to what is meaningful keeps evolving, changing to meet the needs of a changing, evolving society. It is a journey of creativity that evolves the individual as well as the mass, crowdsourced, effort to make things work. Our new tomorrow will be an experience of personal growth and cooperation. These, personal growth and cooperation are the two sides of our new coin.


  • Transitions

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    When a person is programmed by society to behave as a “person”, this in called enculturation. In our technological society, we not only program each other, but via machines and the organizations that run the machines. I remember being taught to use a typewriter. I was instructed to sit up straight directly in front of the machine, align my hands and fingers with the machine, and then punch the keys in exact sequence. If I failed to perform exactly, there were consequences. I felt compelled to perform as the machine demanded.

    That was almost fifty years ago. Now the machines have taken over. Even the farmers must have miles of flat
    earth and all aligned precisely for their machines. Many humans come together to service the machines. We
    call these people a corporation. The clock runs their lives. The phone runs their lives. The computer runs their lives. Then the copy machine breaks and totally ruins their lives. Everyone working there knows for certain that this is life. This is how things should be. How the machines run people is now how life works.


    Machine-culturalization, this is the new normal. People don’t even realize what is happening. As with enculturation, the brain naturally absorbs the given environment so to learn how life works. This is an essential function. We are born ignorant and then absorb massive understanding in just a few years. It is truly amazing what happens in the mind of a child.

    How amazing is machine-culturalization? (Let’s call it machalization) We are passionate for our technology. But is this warranted? Did we create technology worthy of our worship? Will this god grant us our every wish? Let’s compare with enculturation. Without technology, a person is born exposed to the natural environment. Conformity necessarily is to the ways of nature. Then again, all of nature is born exposed to the physics of our solar system. Conformity necessarily is to the ways of physics. All of nature makes the connection between eternal physics, the biosphere, and the life of the child. Enculturation is what considers the details from the smallest, all the way to the eternal. It is all one thing. A tree knows not to grow upside down. Birds know they will they fly south in the winter. But humans are on a different path.










    What do humans do? We force trees to grow the way we design them to grow. We design cities that burn oil to stay warm in the winter. But there is nothing terrible about ingenuity, were this the goal of humanity. Ingenuity would see how the changes we make work with the whole of life. Then we would make adjustments that everything work better, together. We made a mistake however. We mistook machalization for enculturation, and let the machines tell us how life works. The machines we created in isolation do not continue to receive the ingenuity needed to connect them with the biosphere and the physics of the universe. The result is conflict. Westerners believe they should possess most of the earth’s resources (for as long as they last). Heavy traffic conflicts with needs of pedestrians and children and animals. Children sitting at desks is in conflict with enculturation where, instead, children would learn from role modeling and participation. Being happy conflicts with the machine’s need for attentive workers. And today, as robots replace humans, we have no ingenuity describing the transition of machine workers as they transition back to a real life.

    The transition we need to make as humans is not away from machines but toward ingenuity. We need to be happy connecting things so that they work. Then we will be humans connected with each other, learning about life. We will be a society connected with nature, maintaining a biosphere of great beauty. We will connect with the laws of physics that we may take our ingenuity to the stars. It is all such a grand journey. The journey begins with you.

    You can decide to have a real life as an enculturated person. You can connect with people. You can learn from role models. You can be a participant in life. You will learn from the whole of things as we reconnect the smallest of things with the grandest of things. You are already a part of the all. But this must be remembered. We must let go being told what to do by machines. Who we are is up to us, and a matter of our ingenuity.

    “Robert”, you say, “things have changed. We no longer live in the stone age.” That is correct. We are not going back to nature, not that far back. We begin with where we are at. We have communications. Let’s use them. We have thinking humans. Let’s use them. We have computers that thinking humans use to communicate. Let’s use this technology in behalf of ingenuity, and in behalf with connecting with all that is. Admittedly, this is complicated. We have a lot of people and a lot of issues. To find solutions will have to crowdsource the people and triage the issues. We will have to sort out the remedies as to the most efficient and effective, and move these to action. We will ask broad support for these remedies that many contribute a little, and that no oligarch have total say. This is not because the oligarch is necessarily bad, but because effecting a journey that works means we all are enculturated into a life that works. With everyone then supporting both life and the oligarch, his job will be easy. He only need follow the will of the people to have an extraordinary life. We all will have an extraordinary life. With most people contributing to an expansive ingenuity, the intelligence of our enculturation goes exponential.

    I said above, “this is complicated”. Yes, but complicated is now managed by ingenuity. A machine-cultured corporation, WorldWisePeople LLC, came together to build a machine that will move people. This machine moves people out of machalization and back to real life. This machine is iAmSapien. It was built to reconnect people with people, learners with role models, and reconnect knowing something with actually doing something. Because iAS crowdsources to connect everything, our social ingenuity will reconnect social life with reality. We will once again cooperate with each other, cooperate with a biosphere, and cooperate with the physical nature of our universe.

  • Beginnings

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    We arrive at the point of taking memberships, and finally some income. Hooray! This celebration is for us, but also for the world. We are making a real effort to move humanity toward function and happiness. You are with us in this momentous decision to make a change.

    Change is not certain. Every day I walk the line between hope and despair. I question my sanity in thinking humanity could act with greater intelligence. Why did I spend my security on a venture to improve a thing called Earth? Maybe it is some sort of spiritual journey. Maybe events in my life drew me in this direction. Maybe I am insane. Who decides these things?

    About five years ago I decided it didn’t make sense to just sit in my ways, counting my time, hoping for the best. Why didn’t I get off my duff and do something, anything? So I did. Two years later a fuzzy concept became a real business adventure to create a web platform. Three years after that our fuzzy logic of programming became operational as a website. The going was rough. If not for the serious dedication of our team of ten or twelve people, the project would have failed in an instant.

    We don’t know what happens next. Will people see in this project that it is different, that it is creative, and that it has purpose? Will there be thirty grand per month to advance the cause? Will the people who express a greater purpose for humanity be accepted as role models, causing others to become excited about understanding life and making the most of what we have? I don’t know. So much depends on our team’s ability to reach people in the right ways. So much seems to depend on luck. In my readings about new technology adventures, timing was key. Reaching people at the right time, when they were ready, was essential to success for many businesses.

    Are people ready? They are ready for something. The media we expose ourselves to says we are ready to sit and watch one side attempt to degrade or terrorize the other side. This is fun. Look at our media and we see people are ready to share tidbits about their daily lives, and tidbits about the big issues that somebody ought to do something about. This is fun. We see our emphasis on media, as phones, as music, as television, as movies and so we know that our emphasis on life is as spectators. This is fun. Eventually, we all do something, but we do something maybe not as a result of watching media. When we are moved to do something it is probably because there is a stirring inside, an impulse to get up and be someone different. There comes a moment in everyone’s life where they feel the urge to be cause of their own life.

    Whenever an urge may occur, the urge to be at cause, that urge needs a connecting element to travel through and so light up a new space for living. An urge needs connection. It is like electricity needing a wire, a ground, and a motor or some device that gets the work done. That wire is iAmSapien. That device is the project you ignite or take part in. The grounding is whatever inside you happens that you feel the time is now, the motive is current, and belief in yourself has the courage to stand up. You are the final say. The moment is yours to grasp.

    My moment came five years ago. I have carried it with me these years as a reminder that I can move through fear and confusion to a blossoming. When tempted to forget that moment of sanity that drives this crazy effort, Neale Walsch always came through with some quip explaining that life is a journey. He said it is okay to proceed. And so I did.

    The effort it takes to try. The imagination it takes to be different. The dedication it takes to be yourself. What is it that begins your journey in life?